Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Came and Went???

Mr. and Mrs. Myers exiting church...
....riding off in our horse drawn carriage
.....feeding our faces
....being held at gunpoint and made to dance on a table at the reception...or else!!! Can't you see how badly I want down?!
Best buddies, Paula and Terra
Part of the work crew....
The wedding has come and gone! We survived it!! I never thought I'd say this but that makes me sad. I wanted it to last forever. It was so much fun!! I have almost no photos to share with you because, well.....the bride doesn't take photos! I stole these ones from friends!! I will share more as they come in and will probably begin the retelling with the honeymoon and work backword.
I've been away from blogging for so long that I still have important events dating back to August that I wanted to share with you!!! And I just know there will be more fun and excitement to report before I can ever get all of this out!!! Not to mention.....I'm exhausted!