Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Free Letter Press Set

Four huge drawers full of the teeniest-tiniest type ever!
Many green drawers full of a small type.
And some more things I'm not sure of yet!

I scored a free letter press set from Craigslist. I was hoping for much larger font sizes, but when it is free you don't ask questions or you're likely to lose the goods to the silent type! So I just happily accepted and thanks to my dear brother, my favorite brother, (my only brother); it is now safely at home with me. It is some seriously heavy @$%$!!!! Thank goodness for him. And there is a ton of it. I desperately need ideas for what to do with it. I need lots and lots of ideas (I only have a few in mind) and I need 'em quick. Winter is coming and I have too much "junque" to store. I must make projects and sell, sell, sell! Help people!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

50% Off Day At VVA

Yesterday was 50% off day at the local VVA. Now I really love this thrift store, but they tend to be overpriced in my opinion. And I know it is all for a good cause...but I have to keep a roof over my head, too.
I went into the store on Thursday afternoon, as I try to stop by about once a week and make my rounds. I always keep on eye out for Wilton cake pans for my mother and look around for my favorite wares, as well. I found one pan and went up to check out. The little lady who works the counter told me that Friday was going to be 50% off EVERYTHING day to make room for new inventory (this place is packed to the gills). I had to be at school by 9:00 on Friday to substitute and she told me they didn't open until 8:30, so I decided to pull myself in at 8:15 and wait by the door. You see, the minute she told me about the 50% sale, I went back through the store and made a list of all the things I wanted that I was passing up based on price. And I certainly wasn't going to wait until 3:30 when school was over to go there and find out they were gone because someone else had them on their list.
I was the 2nd person in the door - obviously not the only one with this plan, and I instantly turned into Robo-Thrifter. I took a cart and ran around the store throwing each of my wishlist items in as quickly as I could. And, yes, I got everything I wanted and made it to school on time.
I have had my eye on this Cobbler's Bench since the VVA got it in. I just didn't want to spend $40 on it. I've been spoiled with free things lately! But for $20 it is a must have.
This picnic basket was only $3 and it is from Peru. I know, I know, buy American! But...technically I did!? The afgan was $1.50 - nope not a typing error - it's true! And oh how sweet it is!
These are old vintage ornaments that I got for about $1 per box. They had more, but I didn't have time to go through all of them, so I just took the "must-haves" for now.
What do you think? I got a couple of other things that I will share later.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Danny Boy And His Stogie!

You cannot tell me that it doesn't look like he's smoking a giant cigar! Doesn't it??

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Mystery of the Lost Balls

No, no, the other balls. One morning before Josh headed off to work, Danny Boy convinced him that his balls were under the bed in the guest room. So off they went to search for the balls. Danny is quite obsessed with his balls (Men!); he likes to know where each of them are at all times (Not a bad trait - really!) and the more he has the happier he is (Naturally!). I couldn't resist snapping a picture of their heads together under the bed and their butts in the air. It's difficult to see Danny in this little picture, but its well worth the five seconds it takes to click and enlarge. And by the way, I'm fairly certain Josh hasn't wet himself and that is just the way his pants are worn. But...who knows?!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Won't Know If You Don't Ask

While I was at my RAEYC Program Meeting tonight, I found myself running around last minute trying to find the custodian as we were in need of a laptop for the presenter. I am co-chair of the Program Committee and the previous Chair left so I am learning all sorts of new tricks while fulfilling my responsibilies! I finally located his office and oh what FUN it was! You know, he had one of those cluttered (full of treasures) kind of offices. Love that! Right away I spotted a very old "must have" scale on the floor and told him how fabulous it was. He told me how he was trying to bring himself to carry it to the dumpster, but that it was really heavy and it really deserved a better home than a dumpster. I stopped squealing and asked him if he was really looking for a home for it. I was thinking to myself, "What better home is there than ours?" He was extremely serious and before I knew it he was carrying it to my car!!!! I LOVE when that happens. I must thank him. On the way to the car he told me about other treasures he has that he may show me at our next program meeting!!!! Custodians ROCK, right?! I'm soo glad I brought up that made my night! I was so proud I carried it in the house, by myself might I add, as soon as I got home. And it has already found a home, within its home, on a small chest in our kitchen. Josh won't admit he likes it...but he is glad he didn't have to carry it in for me. Carrying my junk around gets old to him...I beg to differ!!

Other good news...agedessence on ETSY sold their first item - HOORAY!!!!!!!!! We sold one of these super sweet little chalkboard labelers. Aren't they wonderful? Be sure to order a few for yourself!! They are sold at the teeny weeny price of 1 for $2 or 5 for $8.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

North Winton Village Festival of the Arts

A couple of the seasonal banners that Dirty Birdies added to their collection!

On Saturday September 29th, the Dirty Birdies are going to set up shop at the North Winton Village Festival of the Arts. I'm sure that this will be a great event based on the area that it is taking place in - and it's right down the street from me. Yeahhhh!! I hope all you locals reading this (all 4 of you) will be sure to stop by, even if only for a quick visit to the Dirty Birdie booth.

I now have a super duper ETSY link here on my blog, thanks to a brief tutorial from the lovely Jerusalem. So if for some reason you are unable to make it to the festival this weekend, you can still see some of our goods on ETSY, and of course, purchase them if you wish! See you Saturday!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

An ETSY Shop

the other dirty birdie modeling our ever so shabby chic vintage apron being sold at the very low price of $15 - if anyone is interested!

For the past two days I have been working on opening an ETSY Shop called aged essence. It is finally up and running on my end. However, apparently customers will not be able to view the items in the shop for a couple of days. If you go to the ETSY link above and type agedessence in the search box, it will take you to the shop. Give it a couple of days to view the fun stuff in the since it appears empty at this point in time. If there is anybody who can tell me how to get that neat little ETSY advertisement on my blog I would be forever in debt to you. Until then, check out what the Dirty Birdies brought to last weekend's sale. Tune in tomorrow to see where they are taking their wares this weekend!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rockin Robin Wins!!!

Rockin Robin from guessed correctly for the Guess that Item contest. She commented. "A paper roller?? Whatever it is, it awesome! What a great find!" Give me a couple of days to put together a fun treasure for her and I'll be sure to share it with all of you later! Congratulations Rockin Robin!!!!! For the rest of you that took a guess - thanks for playing along!

When I bought my "newspaper log roller" for $2 just a few streets over, the woman told me that was precisely what it was. Go here to see how they're are actually used and notice that they run about $50 these days.

Since I first shared my newspaper log roller, I have learned a few additional things about it. My initial dream for it was to use it as a paper towel holder - I was dead set that it had to be that! I took my half roll of paper towels from the kitchen and slid them on and perfecto - BEAUTY! Then I ran out of towels and tried to replace the roll and "oh dear" that were too fat to roll (the paper towels that is!). I was devastated. I decided to suck it up and go to plan B - ribbon holder. Looks cute and keeps the ribbons accessible. But I use a lot of ribbon and every time a roll runs out I have to take them ALL off and remove and replace the empty roll. Oh my - what a pain in the butt! So now I need to ask you for some new suggestions/uses for my paper roller. Got any?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Blog Love

Two wonderful ladies Sarah from Welcome to Girl Land and Rockin Robin from Robin Bird's Nest both have mentioned myself and/or Aged Essence in recent posts on their blogs. I am very appreciative as I'm always looking to connect with new readers and visitors, so I wanted to return the favor. Check them out - fun stuff! Rockin Robin made some super sweet favors for a baby shower not long ago and Sarah is my "decal go-to!" and makes what sound like "to die for" fried apple tarts. Doesn't your mouth water just hearing that? I could go for some right now! Mmmm... Enjoy visiting their blogs! More pics from today's Arts and Crafts Fair tomorrow. See you then!

Friday, September 21, 2007

When Men Do Laundry

Josh and I do put away our own laundry. I wash and dry it all - but we put it away ourselves. We are both a little particular about the way we do things! Have a look at what happens when I leave him to separate our clothes. That's right ladies - a bra - on his head! (Click to enlarge if you don't believe!) Need I say more?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Been Busy as a Bee!

Nicky and I are taking our Diry Birdie creations to the Chili Fireman's Womens Auxillary Arts and Crafts Fair on Saturday. Now that link is not exciting - I know. But for some crazy reason it's all they have to advertise the fair. Kinda worries me - but I'm doing my best to spread the word!! And besides, the link might not be fun - but I'll tell you what is fun...the DIRTY BIRDIES - come on people! Cute (not us silly - our creations), vintage, repurposed, shabby chic, and IRRESISTABLE!

Here are some fun things I have been working on - in their early stages.

Ok guys - I'll post more pics. tomorrow. I'm sick of waiting for this stinking computer to upload them. Uggghhh!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Estate Sale Goodies

Here are some of my recent finds. I have had a lot of time on my hands, so I've been to quite a few sales recently.
$1.00 each and I got another one today for .75 (not pictured). I'm really into these for my guest room lately. I am filling them with soaps, cotton balls, q-tips, etc. Any other suggestions for what I might put in them for guests?
A 2.00 serving cart with an electric hook-up bolted onto one of the legs.
What are these chairs called? I'm sure they have a very important "chair name". I know they're popular... These were two for $15. I was at a sale today where they were two for $40!!! Do people really pay that?

Red stuff! Two scoopers for $1.00 - FUN! Two packs of ribbon and a 1960's book about happiness. Boy how the 'things that make us happy' have changed! The only one I really agree with is "Happiness is when your car breaks front of a bar!"
Free wire crate from the "Mail Order Bride" Lady - I won't elaborate! But I will apologize in advance to any mail order brides reading my blog.
A $3.00 stand. I guess it was once home to a record player (on top) and a record collection (on bottom). But I figure I could paint it a prettier color, and get all you scrapbookers interested by displaying it as a scrapbook paper organizer. I hear you "oohing" and "aahing" as you read!@!

Four vintage trays for $2.00 dollars. Ok - maybe I overpaid, but how darn cute are they?!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Contest: This Time at Sweet Jessie!!

Heads up to all you sewin mamas! Sweet Jessie is having a contest that you must check out. Even if you don't sew - her fabric giveaway would be a wonderful gift to a friend (like me!).

BE SURE to leave her a comment when you visit her blog letting her know that I sent you. This is how I increase my chances of winning. So HELP ME OUT guys! Tell her aged essence sent you or just Sondra is fine!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Amish Friendship Bread

I was recently given some Amish Friendship Bread (batter) in a bag - 10 days ago to be exact. And no...I'm not Amish. But we used to have an Amish family as neighbors (which has nothing to do with this post). But that is how you know you're a hick, in case you were wondering!! Anyway... this bread is sort of interesting. You keep the batter in a bag for ten days. Each day you mash it up and on the 6th day you add more ingredients to it. Then continue mashing it up until the 10th day when you add more ingredients to it again. Oddly (or disgustingly) enough, milk is one of the ingredients. I know, I know, you're thinking how in hell did Sondra the germ freak go along with this? And you're right I have been a little leary. But, as my friend Terra assured me, it's the way the Amish do - and it's ok. It' s better than ok. It's delicious... according to Terra. But if you know me then you know I have yet to try this bread myself. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow???? I can assure you it smells heavenly and may be irresistable early in the morning when I have few thoughts of anything other than getting back into bed. We'll see. It looks good, though, doesn't it?! Before you bake it, you portion out four 1 cup ziploc bags for four lucky friends (or three and one for yourself if you are that kind of friend!)- hence the name "Amish Friendship Bread". And besides, what fun would it be to have food poisoning alone????!!! Be sure to click on the picture of the bag with batter and the recipe for more specifics on the bread.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guess that Item?

It's time for another contest. This time you have to guess what my new ribbon holder's original purpose was. NO RESEARCHING! Just guess what comes to mind first. You have one week to make your guess on the comments section of this post. Nicky - you are exempt, not because you won the last contest, but because you were with me when I bought this and you already know the answer~! I haven't decided what the winner will receive, but I can promise it will be lots of fun!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Cobbler: YUM!

I made some delicious cobbler for dessert recentlly. Super easy! Peaches, blackberries and blueberries. Mmmm -my favorite!

What is your favorite EZ dessert?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drawer Turned Foot Stool

Here it is...finally! Not toooo bad for my first desk drawer foot stool. I am willing to gladly take any and all constructive criticism on my upholstery. Keep in mind, though, that it is the first time that I have EVER done it. Aren't you glad I kept it simple? Can you imagine the disaster if it was a difficult project!

Here's what I learned: staple guns suck!, foam is atrociously expensive, and I should have painted the lid beforeupholstering it and having Josh hinge it on. live and you learn right! For approximately five dollars I'd say it gets the job done. Now who out there is in the market for a light blue and tan/brown foot stool that includes storage???

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This BLOWS!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist that title. I am soo excited about my new "old" blow dryer I can't stand it. I got it at an estate sale yesterday for $2.00. I brought it in from the car last night and plugged it in and turned it on to see if it works and guess does! I was so pumped, I stood there telling Josh to "check out my cool find" and he says, "Share it with Nicky. That stuff doesn't excite me like it does the two of you!" Ugghhh - humor me for once, please?

So then I asked him tonight what the title for the this post should be and first he thought I should use "blow me", which I wasn't sure was appropriate. He knew by the look on my face and provided me with title #2 - This Blows. It's Perfect!! I wouldn't actually suggest using this blow dryer unless you've got a lot of time on your hands. It's not much for drying, but it is realllly cute - don't you think?!!! I wonder why they don't make CUTE blow dryers anymore. Hmmm???

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is a day of mourning for our country.

Few things in our home are bought new based on my love for reusing and repurposing. It is not often that I go out and buy something off a shelf in a store (well ok maybe clothes!). However, this series of pictures from 9/11 that we bought on a trip to New York warranted a new frame. It now hangs on the wall in our office and each day when I look at it I remember what our country has been through over the years. It gives me hope knowing everything that we lost on that day and knowing that we continue to overcome all that is against us. It is a wonderful source of inspiration!

God Bless America!

Be sure to stop by Welcome to Girl Land for a great giveaway and fun reading!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Good news first:

I am the winner of Nicky's guess the cost of the sink contest and today I came home to the sweetest goodies. Thank you Nicky!

First there was this bottle of YUMMMMMY Toasted Head wine.

Then there was this DE-lish basket of fresh veggies from Nic's bountiful veggie garden (that I'm guessing I should be giving the credit to Chef Mc for!). Hooray! Now I can use these to make some of Penny's yummy tomatoe concoctions I've been craving.

And then....saving the best for last....there was my new homemade vintage apron. (Handmade by the other dirty birdie out of an old pillowcase from the VOA.) How'd she do that? I can barely sew a button, let alone an apron. I'm so proud of her!

Sew (had to do it - sorry)...I was home alone and needed a model for the apron because I am too challenged to figure out how to set the self timer on my camera. I decided that the bar stool and I had nearly the same physiche, so here it is:

But then I asked Danny Boy if he would mind modeling and he really wasn't into it (can't you tell by the look on his face?!), but he agreed because he owes me BIG. I mean HUGE. Stay tuned below and find out why.

Just as Danny Boy was about to walk off the set, Josh came home from golf and took a picture of me in the apron. Why is it that a chair and a dog can do that beautiful apron more justice than I can? How depressing! Oh well, hopefully it will inspire me to cook now!

Now for the bad news:
Danny Boy HATES the neighbor dog Gracie. He growls and snarles at her and has even pushed the door open twice and gone after her. Well tonight he took it just a little too far! Welcome to the next level folks!

Just a normal everyday bedroom window:

Just an normal everyday bedroom window smashed to bits by the abnormal beast in my home that lurched through it in an attempt to eat Gracie:

That's right friends- my dog tried to jump through a window and go after another dog! What more can I say? I think he could benefit from a Doggie Whisperer or something - he has such mental instabilities. Can you say bi-polar?

**Upcoming Posts: "New Driveway", "Berry Cobbler", "Dog for Sale!"