Monday, November 26, 2007

Loving Burlap!!

No Turkey Day pictures here. I have been sick for almost a week now. I didn't take any pictures at Mom and Dad's because I spent almost the entire day in bed. Then I cooked a feast for Josh and I on Sunday, took a nap, and he had put it all away when I woke up. Trust me...I'm not complaining, but I didn't get any pictures...which is toooo bad because I wanted to show you my pumpkin stew that I cook in a real pumpkin. But he had that pumpkin in the dumpster and the stew in the fridge before I could think twice.But again, I'm not really complaining!

So instead of Turkey Day pics., I thought I'd share some pictures of my ever-present, but recently "over-the-top" burlap obsession. This is what a .50 cent roll of burlap and many, many yards of red and white clearance ribbon can do in my house this time of year! Line the hanging towel crate in the guest room...
Cover that terrible foil on poinsetta #1...
Create a very simple tree skirt for the manly mini-tree in the dining room...
Cover the terrible foil on poinsetta #2 and below a distant pic. of #1... Why? Dunno!

What are you doing these days with burlap?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Favors

I presented these decorated favor boxes to Brett and LindsAy last week. I offered to put some samples together for them to look at. The fact that I misspelled my future SIL's name is only a minor detail, right? I have an excuse though! My childhood best friend's (of 15+ years) name is LindsEy.'s a habit. One that it is my goal to break long before this wedding actually takes place.

Now the other consideration you all must make is that I did not have any time to set up a "photo shoot". I had forgotten to take pics of these little guys. Then when Brett and LindsAy were getting ready to go, I said, "Wait! I need a few pics." (In Sondra terms that = 100!) So I rushed to snap a zillion photos as quickly as possible, in the worst possible light mind you. So this is what we've got...

Then there is the detail of my cutting. If these samples were really meant for the wedding and not just to browse, I would have been sure to make perfect (perfection is NOT a problem here, as you can see - ha - ha!) cuts on each and every one of them. But since these were just to give them an idea of what we can do with the boxes, I rushed through them. I have decided to do a poll to see what you all think about the boxes and whether any are "wedding-worthy". So be sure to vote.

Although, each of them did have a favorite, I assure you there was no rush of enthusiasm out of either of them regarding the boxes. Maybe the boxes suck???? I'll add that to my poll! Or maybe they just weren't feeling enthusiastic. Either way, no hard feelings. I had fun playing around. And I'd do it all over again even if they do suck!! Let me know what you think...

Box A (I know the picture is TERRIBLE...)

Box B
Box C
Box D (on left) Box E (on left)

Box F (on right)

Box G
Box H (also a HORRIBLE picture)

Box I (for "I" really like this one!!!)

Choice J = Use them all - variety is good~!

Choice K = All these choices suck...give it up Sondra!

***Be sure to click on the first picture of all the boxes to get a clearer image of the individual boxes that didn't come out so well!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Projects For Sale!!!

Here are some fun ornaments and decorations that you should soon see in my ETSY shop. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these now, please let me know. I have not gotten a chance to round up Josh to put the holes in the top of the ornaments. So if you order now, before I put the ribbon (for hanging them) on them, you can choose the color you would like on your ornament or set. I can accomodate ALMOST any color!!

The ornaments are priced individually and by sets. The horns are $10 per horn or $35 for the set. Three of the horns have been made into candle holders. If you click on the picture of all four of them, you will see green candles in the top. The fourth horn did not have a large enough opening for the candles I had on hand. However, if you can find a candle that skinny, it too could serve as a candle holder. Candles are easily removed if you desire.

I have tons of mini tarts and mini bundts left, so if you'd like to order a special set (color, word, initial, etc.); please do let me know by leaving a comment below with your email address. I am more than happy to put something together for you!!

Joy Ornaments - $10 for the set

Noel Ornaments - $14 for the set

Snow Ornaments - $14 for the set (jingle bells around edges)

Single Snowflake Ornament - $4
Single Rose Ornament - $4
Single Joy Ornament - $4
Single Rustic Snowflake Ornament - $4

Now what to do with these? Any requests??????
By the way, today I am thankful for my home where I am lucky enough to spend time doing these project, while being warm and cozy and for my bed where I am headed now!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Things I Am Grateful For: Segment 3

(SHHH = Don't tell Mom that I used this picture!)

I am grateful for my parents:

*for giving me life

*for giving me unconditional love

*for giving me my brother

*for giving me morals and values

*for giving me support

*for giving me rules (even if I broke them) and structure

*for setting their standards and expectations high

*for being forgiving

*for being understanding

*for cheering in my corner

*for making me ME

*and for being mine

I love you MOM and DAD and I thank you for all that you have given me! For you, I am grateful!!!

I am also grateful for winning another giveaway. Check it out!! From one of my dear junque sistas - Jennifer at Jennifer's Junky Life. Go check her out. I assure you, her junky life is a good life!! Loving every little piece of the giveaway and anxiously awaiting its arrival!!!! Thank you to pieces, Jennifer!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Segment 2: Things I Am Grateful For

Today I am grateful for Danny Boy. I am grateful that he is our pet and that he allows us to be his parents. I am grateful that he is healthy and full of energy. I am grateful that he loves the park and drags us on walks (because we used to be SERIOUS couch potatoes!). I am grateful that he loves the water and can swim like a fish. I am grateful that he loves people as much as he loves life itself. I am grateful that he is here to come home to everyday. For Danny, I am grateful!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Things I Am Grateful For...

Here's my new book and I'm grateful for it!!! Still can't find it on the web, but maybe it's because it is the 2007 edition. But, even so, you'd think they'd want to promote it or something?? A true speaking, "...or something!" Oh well here it is, and yes, the tag is a sticky one; so as you can all see - I SPLURGED. Well, actually Josh did. He was once again shutting me up, because 1) we were at Walmart to get a different book and couldn't find it so I was NOT HAPPY and 2) we were at Walmart......and he wanted to get out of there FAST - enough said!!

Which brings me to the first segment of The Things That I Am Grateful For which comes to you via a suggestion, or a challenge rather, by the lovely Jerusalem from My Little Life.
I am grateful for - Josh - the love of my life. He brings a smile to my face every day. He supports my junquing habits - most of the time! He accompanies me on tedious errands. He takes me out to dinner and brings dinner to me. He makes a killer mac-n-cheese (just a little food obsessed right now!). He loves myself and Danny Boy, unconditionally. He is smart. He is patient. He makes me happy. And he has spent five years of his life by my side. And, so for Josh, I am grateful.
I also wanted to give you a heads up on another fun GIVEAWAY. Please go to Nunnie's Attic and sign up for her giveaway. BE SURE to tell her I sent you!! And enjoy her Christmas music. It really puts you in the mood. I must update my blog soon for the holidays!! Good luck!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Too Many Cameras??

Can one ever really have too many cameras??? Yes!! Especially when you are THE LEAST photogenic person to ever walk the earth! This is what we have lying around the office these days. Our really, really old camera; our not so old, but very broken camera, my Aunt's camera, one of the two cameras Josh brought home from work to ease my pain and the camera in my hand (brand spankin new) that I'm using to take this picture of....what else, cameras!!??!!??

Here's my poor bitty baby cybershot:(

And this is the new one, recommended by my friend Nicky, who previously worked for Kodak. Thank you, Nicky!!! I like it a lot except for that it's huuuuuge compared to the other one and I can barely get my hand around - it's a definate "two-hander". I mean, it's not the SONY Cybershot (whimper, whimper), but it's a brand new camera that we shouldn't have bought, though we did! Josh wanted to make me happy -yeahhhh (wait a minute - was that camera just to shut me up????) Oh well, whatever, I have a working camera now and I'm happy regardless of his intentions...

I've been meaning to mention that I love Walmart - a.ka. Wally's. I really do. Josh HATES it!!!! Sometimes I drag him there and sometimes he gets out of it. It's better to leave him home, though. He takes on a very angry persona after our visits to Wally's and gripes about for the rest of the day and into the next.

But look at this fabric I found there for just one dollar per yard. And I promise you there was much, much more to be had. These are just the ones that I couldn't leave without. I had no idea anybody sold fabric for a buck, let alone one of my fav. places!! Now I know that all of you who know me are thinking, "What is SHE going to do with THAT???" But I assure you I want to learn, I really do. I just want to be sure that I find a teacher with tons of patience and sewing peers, to learn with, who are at my level (or lack of a level)! So why not stock up while the gettins good?? I'm sure all my thrifty (cheap) friends would agree.

Shabby anybody??

Dumbo's cousins. Too cute!
Who wouldn't want fabric with snorkeling, sunglass wearing whales?????

And I got a great book called Better Homes and Gardens Christmas with a copyright of 2007, but I can't find a link to it on Walmart's website or in a yahoo search, although my search was brief. I'm sleepy!!! I'll take a pic and share it tomorrow.