Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Weekend Away!

This weekend we took a quick trip to Lake Placid to spend some time with Josh's father and step-mother. They were in town for the National Figure Skating Competition. We have been to the Adirondacks many times, but never to Lake Placid. It's wonderful there! Cold; but wonderful!!!
Josh and his father warming up next to the fire, after dinner...
We did lots of shopping. It seems his father was making fun of some of the hats this little shop had!!!
Not a bad Christmas card, if only Danny Boy were with us...
This slay was on the main street, begging for shoppers to hop aboard and have a photo taken, so that's just what we did!
Denise, Josh's step-mother, is a figure skating instructor. We went to the rink where the skaters were competing. This rink is the same one that the 1980 Olympics~Miracle On Ice~took place on. Pretty exciting to see. They have a museum there, too. It was closed by the time we got there, but Josh believes missing out on it this time is the perfect excuse for another visit. I agree!

Next weekend: Vegas!!!! Now if I can only get EVERYTHING done that I need to before we leave!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Over The River and Through the Woods.. the Pillar and Post we go!!!
Nicky and I finally made our little trip across the border to see where she and McAllister will be married in February. My goodness is this place gorgeous!!!! I'll say first that the decor is just my style. The building itself is perfect. An old canning mill, so we were told. I cannot wait to get my room key, so I can drop my bags and run VERY quickly to their spa. It has an amazing hot spring, a gorgeous salt water pool and maybe we can take advantage of those cozy pedicure chairs while we're there, too. There are fireplaces in nearly every room in the building and I love it. Can it be more perfect for a February wedding? Everything will take place here, so we'll never have to leave. Yeahhh!
We are full of ideas after our visit, now we just need to pin down some colors and get things moving!
This is the foyer/check-in area. You may have found no need to go further...this looks plenty cozy, no? But this was a tour, so we continued...Below may possibly the happiest hallway in all of Canada. With a giant liquor wheel, old washboards, wood stoves from who knows how long ago, giant church pews (in case you need a break as you sip/chug your wine and walk the hall) and oodles of other exciting old finds. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to have a wedding here?
I think Nicky may have been a tad thirsty. Our tour guide and I pretended not to notice that she was lingering over there by the bar. Poor thing never got served, though I'm sure it's because this bar is only for special events. This is where we will all be ordering our water and kool-aid on 2/28/09!!
Josh thinks that a salt water pool is ridiculous. I think it's lovely. Very exotic!'s official! In just about 83 days we will be watching Ms. Nicky Cunha become Mrs. McAllister King. How exciting?! Another wedding... *sigh*

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Great Giveaway

I know that this button is supposed to be on my sidebar for this contest, but it's late and I'm clueless, so just go here and do it FAST!! Times almost up!!!