Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reclaiming My Kitchen

As I've continued working on all the "do it myself" (d.i.m.) projects for this wedding, I've begun to run out of space for them. You saw how the favors took over the guest room (along with the hideous mistake dresses and the bridesmaid's thank you gifts). I have stacks of paper on the bedside table in our bedroom along with all my "bride necessities" stashed away in there. The office, well lets just never mind the office...what a joke that is! The sunporch is jammed with the Guest Jars, candles, mason jars and some other odds n' ends. Our dining room is full of more mason jars, bathroom baskets, fabric, children's favors and other decorating needs. Our attic is housing the drinking glasses and lighted topiaries along with the water that is to be placed in the welcome bags for the hotels. And, then there is the kitchen. My goodness....there's been a whole lot of hot gluing going on in there lately! What a mess!! Now I don't want to confuse you and make you think I'd normally be cooking in there, either; as I'm not much of a cook! Nor do I want you to think that it is normally clean, because that's not true either. Though it's the price I pay for Josh cooking!! But it gets old after a while having no counter space to butter your toast or slice your cheese. So today, FINALLY, I finished these stinkin' candleholders and began attempting to take back my kitchen. It should be comletely back to normal sometime in late October. For now, I will appreciate the progress I've made and make us a pie!

Oh, and believe it or not, I'll be taking a break from hot glue and burlap for a while....after the wedding, of course! I'm sure many of you welcome this, as you're probably sick of coming by here and seeing another post with burlap!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something Old...

You all know the saying -

Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue

Well the 'old' part shouldn't be difficult to come by, as there is plenty of that in this wedding!

But we want to bring it into our day whenever and wherever possible! This is why the Mr. built a couple of pairs of stilts. (I know what you're thinking..."if he just built them, how are they old?", right! But that's just a minor detail. Trust me....they're vintage inspired and we have stained them a dark walnut color to make them appear aged.)
(Big thanks to our friend McAllister who was willing to give these bad boys a test drive!)

From the beginning I have said that I would like to have some games and activities for the little ones, to keep them preoccupied. I have several ideas for these activities, which will be set up on the patio at the country club. I searched ebay for some 'old school' games that would fit into our day. They had little to offer and what I did find were quite pricey. So I took matters into my own hands (and then immediately put them into Josh's!!) and printed out instructions on how to make stilts. He made a child size set and an adult set. In afterthought, the adult set was probably a huge mistake. It could turn out to be an awful liability with the whole open bar thing and all!!

Now, if I could just find that stick and hoop game. Any suggestions on where I can get my hands on one of those?????

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Have I Been????

Seriously?? I have been up to my eyeballs in wedding "stuff" and I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast!

We spent this past weekend putting together favors. Stop reading here if you're coming to the wedding and you don't want to know what your little gift is!!!
What a mess this wood excelsior stuff makes! My goodness!!! When we're done i'll need to spend another week cleaning this place! Josh's last name is Myers, so we figured a little Myers rum and vintage Coke would be the perfect combination for a favor! However, we had no idea how time consuming or literally back-aching this little project would turn out to be.So much so that I still haven't even gotten around to putting the tags on the boxes.'s exhausting! And it's just one tiny to-do on the ginormous list!! God (and I) love Nicky for creating these super cute photo cards to encourage guests to share their photos with us later. She was soooo sweet, she even cut them up for me and saved me the hassle of doing that! Aren't they cute?!I am so looking forward to having all of this OUT of our house and getting back to normal!!!
In the mean time, I think I'll have a drink!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Wedding Pics...

Thought I'd share a few of the photos from my camera that did come out...

I swear I have eyeballs!!!
I'll show more/better photos later!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Mr. and Mrs.

On August 30th my brother and his sweetheart were wed...Sadly, few of my own photos came out. And especially not the ones of the two of them together. But here they are individually.!!!
Congrats and Best Wishes BRO and SIL!