Monday, December 17, 2007

A Few Random Decorations

We had a snow day today. Yeah!!! I got a lot of shopping done, but it seems every time I do that I have more returns and wind up feeling like I got nowhere. "How do you have returns five minutes after getting home from shopping?", you ask... Well, Old Navy likes to hang size large pj's on size small hangers. And it appears as though mini faux pearls come in 150 sizes and it just so happened that I picked the next size down from what I needed to finish my pearl tree. Ughhhhh! These people would not mess with me if they knew the week (past 7 days anyway) I've had!!! I'm much too volatile for this sort of thing. And not the volatile like "I'll bite the next person's head off that dares to breath the same air as I", but more like the "I'll break down sobbing at the first word you utter to me, be it hello or any other sweet greeting you don't really mean, and you'll have no idea why but feel terribly sorry for me, only not as sorry as I feel for myself" sort of volatile. So come on people....hang the stinkin clothes on the correct hangers for my own sanity, if for no other reason.


Here are a few random things hanging around trying to spread holiday cheer at our house. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the projects I've been working on, but I'll be sure to share some tomorrow. A few things I won't be able to show you for a not to spoil anybody's xmas or bday gifts!!! Don't let me forget to post my snowman poop tomorrow - my favorite cookie this time of year!!

Speaking of bdays...Happy Birthday to my good buddy Nicky! Go visit her and wish her a Happy Bday!! Poor thing...born just eight days before the big day. Although, I'm no better off with my January bday.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Custom Necklace and Bad Blogger!

I have been the world's worst blogger. You'd think I'd taken off for the holidays already. Nope, not true. But I will admit to suddenly having a problem juggling everything. I'm so sorry to all the tens of you that come visit me. I vow to get better this week, or at least try! I haven't been visiting other blogs either. My internet has been out and so have I! But my plan is to add everyone to bloglines before I leave for the holidays, so that I can catch up and read everyone's blog while I'm away.
I wanted to share this custom necklace I made for sweet Sarah from Girl Land, the queen of etsy vintage!! You can see her etsy shop on her blog. I can get these necklaces made and out to you before the holidays if ordered by Wednesday 12/19, in case anyone who actually still stops by is interested in one!
I also wanted to give a shout out to Wanda whose has recently become not only a loyal reader, but also a loyal commenter. Love ya, Wanda! Go check her out! She has THE MOST AMAZING pictures of her childhood Christmas' on her blog. I love the rollercoaster she got when she was young and I love the name of her blog "Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk!"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

Poor thing has been up since the weekend after Thanksgiving and I'm just now paying tribute to it! I have taken several pictures on many occasions and I'm convinced that photographing a Christmas tree {well} is next to IMPOSSIBLE! Oh are a few shots that I decided to settle for. Any suggestions on how best to take pictures of a lit tree?

I finally got my cones lined, filled with candy and up on the tree. There are a couple missing because I took them to a friend. I don't want you all to think that Josh has already eaten half a tree!! In fact, he has yet to empty a single one!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Giveaways And Good Friends

So I've been getting some early Christmas gifts...via giveaways, Pay It Forward and good friends!

I got this Tussie Mussie from the lovely Dara from Sophie Rose Designs for the Pay It Forward challenge. I couldn't do it any justice through my photos, so I suggest you all go check it out on her blog on the 11/15 post. However, my inability to photograph this sweet cone should not take anything away from it. It's gorgeous! It has a beautiful tag that says "dream" and a darling little angel attached. She stuffed it with some sheet music and sent it on its way. I love it and it matches my office/craft room perfectly!! Thank you, Dara...
I was also the lucky recipient of Jennifer's giveaway, which I already announced to you all. But I just had to show you each individual little goody and all their goodness in person. I'm loving this stuff!! Thank you, again, Jennifer. *Note: There is also a fabulous apron to go along with these lovelies, but I have yet to get a photograph of it.

Finally, one of my great friend's and Co-Junquer, Nicky gave me this AMAZING nerd cart - or so that's what we like to call them. You see five or ten years ago, had I seen someone my age pulling one of these carts behind them while shopping, I'd have quietly and respectfully thought to myself, "NERD!" And so came the birth of the "nerd cart". But...nowadays, I've been feaning for a nerd cart. I want, I need, I must have but won't pay full price (only a nerd would do that, right?!). So I have kept my eye open at yard sales and flea markets, but with little luck. Well apparently Ms. Nicky got lucky, because she somehow scored two of them. And when I wasn't around, no less??? When it comes to junkin'...we're almost always together. Hmmmm?? Has she been sneaking out to trash piles without me? Making early bird trips to the Saturday sales without as much as a text message to see if I'd like to join? I dunno?? But, as much as her good fortune concerns me here, if I'm on the receiving, what can I say???

She has not only blessed me with this nerd cart for no other reason than that she's a great friend, but she also sewed a reversible liner for it - with elastic and everything. She's getting really good at this sewing thing! I must be loved!? What do you all think of my nerd cart???

And I'll leave you all on this note:

Remember when you were young and would fall asleep chewing gum or eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Well...our Danny Boy is only a year and a half old. Still a baby, really. He must have had such a rough day on Monday that he couldn't bring himself to finish this rawhide. He fell asleep with it in his mouth!! This is just one of the zillion reasons I can't stay mad at this dog!

Monday, December 3, 2007

More Christmas Fun

Here is some more of what I've been working on for the holidays. Not sure what I'm going to do with the sign yet. But it is cute, right?!

The cones are going on the tree and will be filled with yummy candies. I'm so proud of them, simply because they were so dirt cheap to put together. The ribbon is from Walmart and I got oodles of it in one of those plastic egg-like, knee-high holder, type thingies - for just $1.00. And the wrapping paper is a tone on tone, felt poinsetta print, clearance score last January at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $1.00. Had I used the entire roll of paper, I could have made hundreds of these babies. But that's just not necessary.

I like Dandee's idea (posted on 11/29), of giving each guest who stops by her home, during the holidays, a little gift. I thought I would hang the cones on the tree and when we have guests, I'll send them off with a cone full of "yum", as if stopping by and getting humped or peed on by our Danny Boy isn't gift enough!!!. Whaddaya think?

**Note to Self: This will NEVER work!! We never have guests and Josh will have the candy gone by the end of the week. But the idea is a fine one, regardless!! And it is the holidays, right?

The wooden mitten and bird ornaments are only half way there. I plan to decoupage them and add snow glitter to each. For the pairs of mittens, I'd like to attach them to each of end of a twisted wire to keep them together as decorations (does that make any sense? - well, you'll see!). The individuals will hopefully get holes and be strung with ribbon.

Here is a a little centerpiece on our breakfast nook. It's much prettier when lit, but I have yet to get a picture of that. I threw some candies in there. After all, what are the holidays without chocolate?

That's all for today! Two postings in two days...Wow! I'm on a roll!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday...I Think Not!

When I woke up today I thought of the very few things I HAD to accomplish. Pictured here are NONE of those things (because I didn't get any of them done), but what can I say...reading people's blogs inspired me to do some quick crafting.

I put some finishing touches on our tree. We've had it up and decorated for a week now, but I didn't want to show you until it was complete. So that will come later this week.
I made a quick banner for the fireplace.
I made some more gift tags (idea from Honeybunch)

I made some wire and button candy canes (idea from Sarah's Post on 11/25)

And I made this sign - last weekend! Just wanted to share it hanging in our guest room, because I'm loving how simple an addition it has been to the room. Hope you're all getting some of this before the first full week of December begins!

More to come tomorrow! Happy December!! Be sure to stop by and checkout the giveaway at Bunnies' Bungalow! Be SURE to tell her I sent you!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Loving Burlap!!

No Turkey Day pictures here. I have been sick for almost a week now. I didn't take any pictures at Mom and Dad's because I spent almost the entire day in bed. Then I cooked a feast for Josh and I on Sunday, took a nap, and he had put it all away when I woke up. Trust me...I'm not complaining, but I didn't get any pictures...which is toooo bad because I wanted to show you my pumpkin stew that I cook in a real pumpkin. But he had that pumpkin in the dumpster and the stew in the fridge before I could think twice.But again, I'm not really complaining!

So instead of Turkey Day pics., I thought I'd share some pictures of my ever-present, but recently "over-the-top" burlap obsession. This is what a .50 cent roll of burlap and many, many yards of red and white clearance ribbon can do in my house this time of year! Line the hanging towel crate in the guest room...
Cover that terrible foil on poinsetta #1...
Create a very simple tree skirt for the manly mini-tree in the dining room...
Cover the terrible foil on poinsetta #2 and below a distant pic. of #1... Why? Dunno!

What are you doing these days with burlap?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Favors

I presented these decorated favor boxes to Brett and LindsAy last week. I offered to put some samples together for them to look at. The fact that I misspelled my future SIL's name is only a minor detail, right? I have an excuse though! My childhood best friend's (of 15+ years) name is LindsEy.'s a habit. One that it is my goal to break long before this wedding actually takes place.

Now the other consideration you all must make is that I did not have any time to set up a "photo shoot". I had forgotten to take pics of these little guys. Then when Brett and LindsAy were getting ready to go, I said, "Wait! I need a few pics." (In Sondra terms that = 100!) So I rushed to snap a zillion photos as quickly as possible, in the worst possible light mind you. So this is what we've got...

Then there is the detail of my cutting. If these samples were really meant for the wedding and not just to browse, I would have been sure to make perfect (perfection is NOT a problem here, as you can see - ha - ha!) cuts on each and every one of them. But since these were just to give them an idea of what we can do with the boxes, I rushed through them. I have decided to do a poll to see what you all think about the boxes and whether any are "wedding-worthy". So be sure to vote.

Although, each of them did have a favorite, I assure you there was no rush of enthusiasm out of either of them regarding the boxes. Maybe the boxes suck???? I'll add that to my poll! Or maybe they just weren't feeling enthusiastic. Either way, no hard feelings. I had fun playing around. And I'd do it all over again even if they do suck!! Let me know what you think...

Box A (I know the picture is TERRIBLE...)

Box B
Box C
Box D (on left) Box E (on left)

Box F (on right)

Box G
Box H (also a HORRIBLE picture)

Box I (for "I" really like this one!!!)

Choice J = Use them all - variety is good~!

Choice K = All these choices suck...give it up Sondra!

***Be sure to click on the first picture of all the boxes to get a clearer image of the individual boxes that didn't come out so well!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas Projects For Sale!!!

Here are some fun ornaments and decorations that you should soon see in my ETSY shop. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these now, please let me know. I have not gotten a chance to round up Josh to put the holes in the top of the ornaments. So if you order now, before I put the ribbon (for hanging them) on them, you can choose the color you would like on your ornament or set. I can accomodate ALMOST any color!!

The ornaments are priced individually and by sets. The horns are $10 per horn or $35 for the set. Three of the horns have been made into candle holders. If you click on the picture of all four of them, you will see green candles in the top. The fourth horn did not have a large enough opening for the candles I had on hand. However, if you can find a candle that skinny, it too could serve as a candle holder. Candles are easily removed if you desire.

I have tons of mini tarts and mini bundts left, so if you'd like to order a special set (color, word, initial, etc.); please do let me know by leaving a comment below with your email address. I am more than happy to put something together for you!!

Joy Ornaments - $10 for the set

Noel Ornaments - $14 for the set

Snow Ornaments - $14 for the set (jingle bells around edges)

Single Snowflake Ornament - $4
Single Rose Ornament - $4
Single Joy Ornament - $4
Single Rustic Snowflake Ornament - $4

Now what to do with these? Any requests??????
By the way, today I am thankful for my home where I am lucky enough to spend time doing these project, while being warm and cozy and for my bed where I am headed now!!