Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Baby Lela

You are one month old. You have grown so much in a month. I really wanted to write you a letter every week for the first month, but time quickly escaped me and truth be told, I'm a little late with this one, too. I have been documenting everything on your baby calendar and that helps me to look back at the last few weeks and reminisce.
So much has happened in one month. Your Papa turned 50, but we didn't get to see him because he was away on a trip and when he came home he was sick:( Daddy had a birthday, too. We made him a really cool travel mug with your picture on it and got him a digital frame for his desk at work. Now he'll get to see you all day! Mommy and Daddy also celebrated their first anniversary. We went back to the museum where we were married and Nana stayed at home with you. You went to your first hockey game and loved listening to the guys yell and the sound of the puck being hit. You stayed awake and, although you couldn't see anything, you listened contently the entire time. We're thrilled you liked it, as there's sure to be many more in your future!

We took you for your newborn picture session, but you screamed the whole time so we had to leave early. Nana and I took you to Target for the first time, but you screamed, again, almost the whole time! You lost your umbilical cord after just 1 1/2 weeks. It hung on for about a day by just a tiny piece or two, but finally fell off without either of us knowing. Mommy found it on the rug in your room just a little while later. Ick!! We saved it though. How could I get rid of your little life line. It connected us for nine whole months.You had your first 'real' bath, which you thoroughly enjoyed, but were certainly a bit unsure of at first.

You are developing quite a personality, and sometimes what one might even call an attitude :)!! When you don't get what you want, when you want it, you are sure to let us know...along with everyone else on the street. You had your first fussy day, all day! My goodness girl!! Mommy is pretty sure that it corresponds with our attempts at giving you formula at night. You don't mind the formula and you don't mind a bottle, and you don't really even have any trouble going between the bottle and Mommy. But that formula makes your belly very upset! :( It breaks Mommy's heart to pieces to watch you clench your fists and grunt in agony. You tense up and turn red and it's so frustrating to not be able to help you. We've tried a few different formulas, but nothing seems help. The problem is Mommy will never sleep if we don't do this and unfortunately, as well as nursing is going...pumping isn't.
You love to sleep like this on your Boppy in the crib. We know it's not safe to leave you sleeping unattended on the Boppy, so Mommy just sits and watches you. And, of courses, takes pictures!

You also went to your first doctor's visit. He said we needed to come back in a week because he wanted to watch your weight gain. You were back to your birth weight, though. We went back a week later and you had gained 7 ounces, getting you up to 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Hooray!! You pooped twice while we were there, so Daddy got to change your diaper, which he loves to do ;)!

Mommy was able to get back into her own bed after having to sleep in the rocking chair for two weeks. Sitting up was still difficult at first, but has gotten much easier. This was not just difficult for me, but it was also an adjustment for you. After sleeping on me in the rocking chair for almost two weeks, you weren't so happy about being expected to sleep somewhere else. We tried the bassinet, the crib, the Snuggle Nest...but you weren't having any of it! We continued to try and try, and sometimes when you were REALLY tired you would give in and sleep in the crib. This transition made for a rough week for all three of us. And nobody got a wink of sleep! Thankfully Nana came to stay for the weekend and she got up with you through the night on Saturday and Sunday so that Daddy and I could sleep a bit. You had no problem going in the crib for her, it was just with us that you refused!!
As you can see here, you have very long legs and as you grow, it seems that it's mostly in length and your cheeks ;)!
We finally decided it was time that we got you a swing. We had been trying to decide which one to get for the longest time and still hadn't done so. At first you tried to put up a fight with that too, but eventually it was just too comfy and too soothing to refuse. You love it and you sleep in it every night and for naps, too. You're actually sleeping up to four hours at a time in there. We are so proud of you! And so thankful to God that everyone is sleeping around here! Although those two weeks of sleeping together in the rocking chair probably created this problem, Mommy wouldn't have done it any differently!! That was such a special time for both of us.
You finally had the chance to meet your Great Grandma Miller. Unfortunately you happened to be a bit grumpy while she was here. You have no idea how much it means to me for you to have been able to meet her and for her to have met you. When I was a little girl, from your age on, Grandma Miller was the most important person in my life aside from my own Mommy. She is very special to me and I hope she will be with us for many years to come so that you may have and share memories like those with her. You can see by the way she's looking at you here, she loves you already!
You are already such a big girl! You are growing way too fast, but it is amazing to watch! I cherish every day with you and am scared to death to go back to work in a few weeks and not be here with you each day to watch you learn and grow. Thank you Baby Girl for making the past month the most incredible month of my life. Our journey has begun...
I love you Peanut!