Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do You Smell What I Smell?

For all you locals....lilacs don't just bloom during the Lilac Festival!! Our lilac tree just began blooming over the weekend. Now if that wasn't something to celebrate, I don't know what is.
I wish I could share the smell of them with all of you. It's intoxicating! Josh says, "Those lilacs are stinkin' up the place!" See what I have to deal with ;) But it hasn't stopped me from putting them all over our house and sending them off to friends, as well.

They're only around for such a short period. I want as many people to enjoy them as possible. Don't they make you smile?!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When The Junque Gods Shine Down...

they really shine!!

On Saturday my BJB (Nicky's new term=best junk buddy!!) and I went wedding shopping. First we went to TJMaxx to buy extra large apothecary jars for the wedding. These will be used as the following: a wish jar, a wisdom jar and a memory jar. In lieu of a guest book (which isn't much my style), these jars will be out at the reception and guests will be asked to contribute to them on some cute little paper scrolls that have yet to be created. But no worries -that's on Nicky's to-do list!! Just picture them filled to the brim with sweet little scrolls tied up with twine or ribbon...

After taking care of that, we swung by Steinmart for a quick return and then we were off to Juliana's for a wedding dress. Nope, not for me, because I already ordered mine. This was for Nicky's wedding. And...........................SHE FOUND ONE! Hooray, Nicky!!! I only wish I could have taken pictures to share with you. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous dress! And perfect for her garden wedding. Vera Wang, nonetheless! We were told that if we forked over the payment in full, we could come back and try it on and take pics. So Nicky did just that and I can't wait to get back in there with the camera!! When I do, I'll be sure to share. With her consent, of course! She has gotten some grief from her FH (that's future, not the other f word you were thinking of - come on!!) and other family, so lets all send our blessing her way, shall we?! Rock on, Nick!!!!!

We went to lunch at Camilles (I like that name. I think I'll add it to the baby names list - for someday....!), after the dress shopping, because frankly it takes a lot out of you and we needed some time to complain about wedding stuff. You know: money, wedding crashers (before it has even happened, mind you!), money, ignorant people, money and a few more ignorant people. Whew!! Glad I got it all off my chest Saturday or I could go on and on right here, right now. Or am I? Oh well!!

On the way home we drove by this!! Wooooohooooo!!! For $free.99 on the curb. I nearly screamed for Nicky to pull over the car. You see, it can be difficult with the two of us having almost the same style. But we almost always operate under the first come, first serve policy. Or rather, whoever spots that bad boy first gets it. That is, unless it is something the spotter has little or no interest in and then we naturally pass it on to the OJB (other junk buddy) (Hah! That's my new term!). I was the lucky one who spotted this lovely metal sewing cabinet, with a faux wood grain. How sweet it is!!

Nicky, as any good jb would do, pulled into the poor man's driveway and remained there with me until Josh could come and haul it away. I at one point, I actually took to holding onto it, as another man pulled up and wanted to take it away. He was a nice fella, though. And he even offered to help us get it into Nicky's Jeep, but it was too wet, grungy and heavy for that! My knight in shining armor arrived not too long after that and helped load it up and bring it home. No complaints, just a few dirty looks and a "where in hell are we putting this?". God, I love that man!!

Amidst the storm, the junque Gods were shining on down!! And did I mention, for FREE?! It made my week!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jewels And Tags

My ETSY Shop has been closed down for a bit, due to all the other things happening in my life. However, as I was preparing swap and giveaway packages I managed to make some new things to list. I thought I'd share them with you now since I probably won't get a chance to list them until late next week. Don't forget...custom orders are welcome!!

This is the bracelet I made for Becky from Beyond the Picket Fence, because she was the winner of my 100th Post contest.
And this is the necklace, or pendant I should say, that I made for Lindsey upon her request.

And this is a necklace I made while just playing around.

Above are some tag sets and note card sets... I'm suddenly addicted to tags?!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Things You Should Know About...

The Vintage Apron Swap has ended and here is my sweet apron from the lovely Ms. Whitney at Kindred Joy. I adore it's frilly-froofiness!

And she sent me the cutest bookmark that I forgot to take a picture of. If I remember, I'll show it to you later. Thanks Whitney!

Here is the apron that I sent to Whitney. We were instructed to send NOTHING BUT the apron. However, I couldn't resist some leftover W's (from Lindsey's necklace - which I still need to share with you), made into tags. So I put together just a few for her. Sorry Sarah!! Isn't it ironic that we both chose purple?!

Sarah at The Misadventures of Mama and Jack is hosting a vintage tablecloth giveaway for her birthday. Check it out!
Also, The Chronicles of Windy Ridge is having a May Giveaway that gives me butterflies. I love this blog, her photography, and Eden's Bouquet. I dream of being the winner here!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day... all the mothers who stop by for a visit. And especially to...

my Mom,

my Grandma, my other Grandma (I will try to edit later. I did not have a photo of my other Gma on my computer.)

and my future Mother-in-law.

Hope you ALL have a great day and we love you!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh How I Love Thy Nicky...

Let me just say...Nicky is GREAT!! I came home on Friday afternoon from work and found this little package waiting for me on the counter. I love surprises!! And burlap! She knows me sooo well!!!!!

I have been saving some random things for the wedding that I plan to use in decorating, etc. One of the things that I've been collecting is chop sticks. So that I can make these:

Nicky, being the great friend that she is, talked to her people and they talked to their people and...well you know how the story goes. So the next thing I know, I've got 400 chopsticks anxiously awaiting a use. I love it!! Thanks soooo much Nick! And Mc!!

And don't worry, I kept myself busy assembling the first 50 flags for the recessional. That means 50 down, 200 to go!! Oh, enough of the moans and sighs, progress is progress people!!

Next collection: tin cans approximately 7 inches or shorter!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yummy Food and Long Lost Friends

I went home this past weekend to visit with family and a long lost friend. Lindsey, my best friend growing up, and I have grown apart and lost touch since high school. We finally had the opportunity to get together - just the two of us - to catch up and put the past behind us. It was wonderful to see her, gossip about all that I've missed and reunite. She treated me to dinner at a yummy place called L'Italia near our home town. Great atmosphere and delicious food. Thanks, Linds!! Good times were had by all, I think and it just felt good to get back a bit of what used to be! We have a lot of memories together and many things that only the other "gets". I am sorry I let so many years slip away, but I think this is the beginning of a whole new friendship. For that, I am thankful!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser!!

Yesterday was the official start of our Biggest Loser competition. Josh and I both dream of being in tip top wedding shape by September. We're both VERY competitive, as well. So he has developed his own little friendly version of the BL. We are going to weigh in every Sunday evening. The winner, he or she with the greatest weight loss percentage, will receive his or her chosen prize for the week. We are planning to sit down and hash out prize choices tonight. I think I'm doomed in this competition considering he's almost two of me and has much more to lose. But there is nothing like a little comptetition to motivate a girl, so I've decided to go along with it and reward myself for good behavior, either way!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The 100th Post Comment Winner Is.....

Bec4. Congratulations Bec4! If you're sad you didn't win, you can blame it on Josh - you know, the one you all think is sooo wonderful!! I made him choose the winner out of my little red bird house box.

You can all go and check out Bec4 and her projects she is working on. She is having project week at her house/blog and she has been creating some great things. I personally love her painted suitcase. Too cute!!

Bec4, please do send me an email with your mailing address and give me about a week or so to get something together and sent out to you.