Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Donnnnnne!

The attic is finally completed. It looks awesome! I'm so proud of my guys for all their hard work. We couldn't be happier with the outcome. You can see that the two closets and storage area have been left unfinished for now. This is due to both the way we intend to use those spaces and the fact that time is really closing in on us before BG arrives, so the focus is on the priority projects around here.

Now that we have everything moved up to the new office space, not organized, but moved...; we have started on The Peanut's room. That project has already sent a few unexpected bumps our way. Last night, a bit shot off the router while it was running (or something like that!). Thank GOD it didn't hit Josh or my brother, but it certainly scared us half to death. Josh spent two days this weekend on a very high and not-so-sturdy ladder that I sat anxiously at the bottom of, praying to God for his safe decent. The poor guy! This hasn't exactly been a fun summer for him. All he's done is work, work and work. Oh yeah...and make daily, if not twice daily, trips to Home Depot. Yuck!

I will be sure that this little girl knows how hard her Daddy worked to make our home perfect for her. She will know how he poured his heart and soul into getting her nursery ready. How he spent his entire summer doing this out of love for the little girl he has yet to meet, but loves with all his heart. He's going to be the perfect Daddy! He already is the perfect Daddy!

So now we can only hope that the new windows in BG's room will be finished tonight. This will allow us to do some touch-up painting tomorrow night and clean the room thoroughly. Then the furniture may be moved in on Thursday.

**sigh** It's all coming together!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously People! Me and BIL orked all summer and we don't even get a comment? ugh!