Friday, September 25, 2009

Dear Baby Lela,

You are a week old today. One week ago you entered the world and with your first breath, you took mine away. I will never forget the moment they lifted you up for Daddy and I to see your beautiful face and your tiny little body. You are the sweetest, most precious baby I've ever seen. Despite you arriving the "hard way", I wouldn't change a thing. We travelled a bumpy road to get you here, and we now have what we dreamed of for a very long time. A perfect baby girl. We've been blessed.
You have come a long way in one week. You arrived home late in the day Monday. They weren't sure you were ready to go because you had lost about 11% of your birth weight and refused to poop. But Dr. Foye said you were an over-achiever the first two days and you were eating well so he allowed us to bring you home anyway. The ride home was difficult for Mommy, but you slept peacefully in your seat. You didn't fit so well in there though. You sunk into the dip at the bottom and looked soo teeny tiny down there. We spent our first day at home with Daddy, snuggling and adjusting to our new life. I knew instantly that this was the way it was meant to be!!!! On Wednesday, you went on your first outing to Mommy's doctor and to the carwash (Daddy was driving! ;)). Mommy got her stitches out and again, you slept peacefully in your seat looking slightly bigger than last time you had been in there.
Your first week was a special week for so many other reasons. You met your Nana and Papa Schuld, your Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Brett, your Grandma Pam and Auntie Sarah and many, many more family members and friends of Mommy and Daddy. You even slept a couple of nights for four or five hours at a time, but mostly three. You eat like a champ and love to sleep on Mommy's chest every chance you get. You can lift your head, suck your thumb and you recognize Mama's voice when you hear it. You're very alert when you're awake and you appear to be able to see things around you, despite what we know about baby's near-sighted, blurry vision. We sit and stare at each other and you move your mouth as if you have something to say. I'm sure you do and I can't wait to hear it ALL! You had your first sponge bath and you hated it! You screamed the entire time and it broke Momma's heart. You are not a fan of being cold. That includes diaper changes, clothing changes, bathing, etc. We read our first book together, You Are My Wish Come True by Marianne Richmond....
and that you are Baby Girl, my wish come true! I love you Baby Lela.


Wanda said...

And she's absolutely gorgeous! Your life is changed forever. In the best way possible.

Nicky C. K. said...

baby lela is so darn PRECIOUS Son. we really couldn't be happier for you guys!

keep the photos coming :)

Anonymous said...

Why am i crying right now?

Uncle B

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Every time I read one of your posts it brings me back to all the "firsts" I had with Matt! It is such an intoxicating feeling to go through all the pleasures that one tiny human can bring to your life! Every child is special, yet with your first child you seem to cherish every second a little more...probably because it is just you and your baby instead of you, your baby and their siblings:-)!! I am so happy for you and am glad that you are finally able to enjoy the miracle of being a mother!!! There is nothing in the world as special!

Anonymous said...

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