Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Note And A Vote

Some answers for your questions:

*There is no picture of the ring because it is extremely difficult to photograph. I am working on it, though. Be patient!!

*The boy on the left in the family picture is my Uncle Ross's (who passed away) son- who we now consider "one of us".

* The tile is ceramic.

*I am back to work.

Now lets vote on bridesmaid dresses:

Dress 1: (The one on the left - sienna color. Though, I like the one on the right - mocha or something, as well - same dress, different colors, love 'em both.)

Dress 2: (sienna 2)
Dress 3: (sienna 3)
Dress 4:

Dress 5:
Dress 6: (gold)
Dress 7: (brown/gold)

So here's the deal: I like all of these dresses and all of these colors for the bridesmaids. I want to do either all different style dresses in the same color or all different colors (just a shade off from one another) in the same style. The removable sashes can be in same shade, ivory or black. I think ivory with the sienna dresses for sure. What do you think? Be sure to weigh in, especially if you are going to have to wear one of these. They are all from Best Bridal Prices dot com.


Anonymous said...

Dress #1 in mocha for sure, dress # 4 is absolutely beautiful! I would have all dresses the same shade, different styles. Let me know if you need a stylist, either way i figured i would be the only guy to comment on this.

Love Brett

royaloaker said...

I love that sienna color! In which month are you getting married? My vote is for #3 because, well, it's so beautiful, but also it looks like it would be flattering on everyone. I realized when I picked out my bridesmaid dresses that there were so many different body types! Let us know what you decide. I love wedding planning!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess the color would depend on the season, and the style would depend on the body types who are going to be in the wedding. They are all beautiful dresses yet #4 reminds me of my wedding dress so of course I lean toward that one, but I also like #1! I guess I would talk to your girls, but I feel that it looks classy when the bridesmaids wear the same style. Good luck and thanks for answering all my question!!! Ross's son is such a Miller!!!!! Still cant wait to see the ring!:)LOL!


Grammy said...

I Love number 4...Go with 4, To me is the most flattering for all sizes......It is so "Sondra's Wedding" = )



MylRae said...

# 3 is my first choice and I love the color too.

#4 would be my second choice.

#1 my third choice (I didn't stuff the ballot, and only voted once).

It'll depend on the sizes and ages of your bridesmaids; if they can all look great in the same style, go for it; else let them choice which style they are most comfortable in wearing.

Most importantly Enjoy and Good Luck!

:0) Mylrae

nickycunha said...

short summary: love SIENNA! makes me think of fall, rust, copper and foliage (which I know are some of your fave things!) dress favorites are 1, 3 and 6 paired w/an ivory sash. i think they're the most elegant, yet simple dress styles.

long summary:
#1 - Love dress AND sienna color, would look great w/ivory sash.

#2 - Not a fan of dress, but love the color.

#3 - REALLY like dress & color. does it look a tad lighter than 1 and 2? would also look great w/an ivory sash. only negative is i think if your girls all have matching dresses and u go strapless than it would look best if your girls were strapless too. this would be a cute style tho if they all were different!

#4 - Not a fan of dress or color.

#5 - Not a fan but style is ok. Can't tell what the fabric detail is, I don't like the color (too light) and i'm not sure how i feel about the ruffle bottom.

#6 - Dress is my FAVE for style. I LOVE the color but that's b/c i'm leaning towards it for my bridesmaids ;-). I think it'd look gorgeous in Sienna or any fall color you choose.

#7 - Don't like the colors, how long it is, or the diff color on the bottom of the dress. (boo) think it looks too casual, almost like a cotton sundress.

Dona said...

I would go with the first picture, pick one color for maid of honor and the other for the maids. Reverse the saches,So that everyone matches. Oh so much fun. I love weddings.


Grammy said...

Do we have a winner yet??

Grammy said...

I guess the dresses will be on hold,huh? PLEASE...what number did you pick???

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