Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today's My Bday!!!

Happy Bday to Me. I didn't want anything for my bday. I dislike bdays very much. So I try to get through as much of the day as possible without acknowledging that it is my bday...I just go on, or at least try, as if it's any other day. There is just one MINOR problem with this! It is also my Gramma's bday. Yep! You heard it right, folks. I was born on my Gramma's bday!!!! Which makes it quite difficult to pretend like the day doesn't exist. That's ok, though. I like to acknowledge my Grandma and simply ignore myself. It's almost easier than if I were alone with the bday!

So we went to dinner with my parents, Gma, Brett and Linds, Aunt and Uncle and their children. Cheesecake Factory - not so yummy:( Josh bought me a new printer. Yeahhhh!!! I'll need it for my homemade wedding invitations I intend to become a pro at. Brett and Lindsay gave me a GC to Pier 1, which is always lots of fun!! My Mom and Dad gave me $$$, as did Gma - which I have just the thing to put it toward....uhhh, a wedding????!!!! My Aunt and her Fam gave me those gorgeous flowers you see above. I used to not understand flowers. I thought, "Why give a gift that dies?" Then when we bought our house and I began REALLY gardening, I grew to love flowers. Now I can tell you...if you want to make me happy, fresh flowers will do it!!! Love them!

My co-teacher, Jean, gave me a gorgeous necklace. My good buddy Terra sang happy bday to me and gave me a really cool planter that I may use for an umbrella stand instead!?!?!?!? My other good buddy Amy gave me a GC to Old Navy, lotion and a candle. Yeahhhh - more shopping. I have just the thing to buy with that GC, too. I plan to purchase flip-flops from Old Navy for all the ladies at the wedding, so when they kick off their heels and head to the dance floor, they can keep their tootsies safe and clean! My friends Nancy and Amy sang happy bday to me on the phone, as did Uncle Craig (his own special version of it anyway!). All this in addition to many text messages, emails and phone messages. But the best gift of all is knowing that I have all of these people in my life that care about me. So now you can see why it is sooooo difficult to pretend like it isn't my birthday. Thanks guys for making my day so special!

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