Friday, August 8, 2008

Uhhh...It's A Wedding - Not a Construction Site!

Bliss...NOT DANGER! Right?? Is this some sort of sign? Oh dear!!Warning: Put on your darkest shades you own to view the following!
That's right! These are the dresses. The HORRIBLE, DISASTEROUS dresses. Needless to say the bitter S.O.B that sold them to me will not take them back, nor will he refund ANY of the money! He went as far as saying that he himself, didn't want them back due to their hideous nature! So, out of my pocket comes the cash to buy all of these girls new dresses. Every wedding deserves one tragedy don't you think??!!And I will just be thankful that I have my loved ones here to share this with me. It can ALWAYS be worse!Tune in tomorrow to see the new dresses. They're lovely!!


royaloaker said...

This is so something that would happen to me. Aren't those supposed to be "burnt orange"? I'd say "flaming orange" is more an accurate description. Damn online dress retailers!!! If you re-order them in a different color, can they send you swatches first?? Or can you go to a local store to see the fabric???? I feel for ya, Sondra. :( Hang in there-- on your big day, you won't even remember this glitch. I promise! :) xo

jenn said...

Too bad you can't dye them another color. Good luck on your big day.

Nicky C. said...

i agree with royaloaker. FLAMING is more like it. screw the burnt orange and the dude that sold 'em to you. the new ones are much prettier!