Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking The Plunge

I am seriously going to give cloth diapers a whirl! I know you are probably thinking I'm nuts along with taking the little one so far away 2 mths. after birth, but I think once I get into the habit it should be fine and soo much better for her (I've been reading some scary things about disposable diapers) and the earth!

The best part is the service I'm thinking of using allows you a trial run for a VERY small fee...just in case! I figure I'll try them for a month and try to set the habit. The service is called Luvaboos. You have to see all that they let you sample for $15/week. The investment in all the supplies seriously outweighs the $6000 one is said to spend on a single baby by the age of 2.

So I'm signing up..... Check back in September/October to see how it goes!

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Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

You are so brave! I am envious! I wish I had the motivation, dedication and was not so lazy!!! Let me know how it goes, especially with the explosive newborn "poos" that come along with nursing!:-) You go girl! Also, great job on keeping up with your posts! I check daily!