Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wanting, Wishing, Waiting!

I bought this Nursing Poncho from Modest Momz on etsy. It's beautiful and I cannot wait to use this! I may have the perfect opportunity, as we're planning to take the little one to St. Thomas in November. I know what all you critics are thinking, but she'll have had all her shots by then and I'M her Mommy!

I hit five months last week and I still don't have a belly. I'm not complaining, but the in-between stage is hard. Neither regular (including my fat pants, so don't even suggest them!) bottoms nor maternity bottoms really work at this point. Shirts aren't so bad. When I do get a belly....I think I'll want to spend my time in these:

I love them all!! They're from Flaunt It Maternity, another fabulous etsy shop.
I really want this Custom Hospital Gown from My Pinky Toes for the peanut's birth. Josh keeps reminding me that they're free at the hospital!! Uhh, yep, got it babe! But this one is so much more....ME! How can you not feel happy and comfy in this? Even if you are pushing a....well, never mind!

When she does arrive, I desperately want newborn photos of her in this tutu from Forget Me Not Kids:

Tell me it's not the cutest thing ever!!!

Wheww! That's a lot of wishes!!!!!!! Who needs registries when we have the web...and etsy?! I could shop all day........


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

The first baby is so exciting! Don't they have the cutest stuff! You are too cute with your selection of nursing wrap and hospital gown. I was the same way with Matt. Yet, when I actually got to the hospital and delivered, the gown they gave me was much easier for nursing and at that point I did not feel like moving much to change. Plus I did not want to ruin it with all the bottley fluid pouring out of me! Can you say "snail trail." Sorry to gross you out! So, I saved it for home!:-) The wrap is beautiful, but a blanket works just as good, quicker and easier for me than the wraps! Especially when you have a hungry baby! Button down shirt are definately a must! Good luck and keep displaying all those cute baby items! I love them!

Nicky C. said...

i don't blame you - who could resist those ruffles?!