Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Giveaways And Good Friends

So I've been getting some early Christmas gifts...via giveaways, Pay It Forward and good friends!

I got this Tussie Mussie from the lovely Dara from Sophie Rose Designs for the Pay It Forward challenge. I couldn't do it any justice through my photos, so I suggest you all go check it out on her blog on the 11/15 post. However, my inability to photograph this sweet cone should not take anything away from it. It's gorgeous! It has a beautiful tag that says "dream" and a darling little angel attached. She stuffed it with some sheet music and sent it on its way. I love it and it matches my office/craft room perfectly!! Thank you, Dara...
I was also the lucky recipient of Jennifer's giveaway, which I already announced to you all. But I just had to show you each individual little goody and all their goodness in person. I'm loving this stuff!! Thank you, again, Jennifer. *Note: There is also a fabulous apron to go along with these lovelies, but I have yet to get a photograph of it.

Finally, one of my great friend's and Co-Junquer, Nicky gave me this AMAZING nerd cart - or so that's what we like to call them. You see five or ten years ago, had I seen someone my age pulling one of these carts behind them while shopping, I'd have quietly and respectfully thought to myself, "NERD!" And so came the birth of the "nerd cart". But...nowadays, I've been feaning for a nerd cart. I want, I need, I must have but won't pay full price (only a nerd would do that, right?!). So I have kept my eye open at yard sales and flea markets, but with little luck. Well apparently Ms. Nicky got lucky, because she somehow scored two of them. And when I wasn't around, no less??? When it comes to junkin'...we're almost always together. Hmmmm?? Has she been sneaking out to trash piles without me? Making early bird trips to the Saturday sales without as much as a text message to see if I'd like to join? I dunno?? But, as much as her good fortune concerns me here, if I'm on the receiving, what can I say???

She has not only blessed me with this nerd cart for no other reason than that she's a great friend, but she also sewed a reversible liner for it - with elastic and everything. She's getting really good at this sewing thing! I must be loved!? What do you all think of my nerd cart???

And I'll leave you all on this note:

Remember when you were young and would fall asleep chewing gum or eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Well...our Danny Boy is only a year and a half old. Still a baby, really. He must have had such a rough day on Monday that he couldn't bring himself to finish this rawhide. He fell asleep with it in his mouth!! This is just one of the zillion reasons I can't stay mad at this dog!


Wanda said...

Lucky you! You got some great stuff there.

Nerd cart. LOL The lining is pretty, but I don't think I'm ready for a Nerd cart, yet. I don't do fanny packs, either.

The picture of Danny Boy is adorable.

Dona said...

You got some wonderful finds, you lucky girl , you didn't even have to leave the house. Wish Duke would fall asleep before chewing anything up. LOL

nickycunha said...

i'm so glad you like the nerd cart. i know it will get LOTS of use toting around your new-to-you junk.!

and for the record... we did xchange text messages b4 that sale. i was in between meetings which made me have to go early n u went later. but i wasn't there more than 5 minutes b/c i couldn't handle the MADNESS from all the crazies who run around and bump into you throwing their homemade SOLD stickers on everything regardless of if they but it.

i got some evil eyes trying to rip those stickers off so I jumped ship to the garage. it was there that i junked pleasantly in SILENCE with no crazies around and scored u a nerd cart!

and really - who would put nerd carts on the same scale as FANNY packs?! that makes me sad ;-(