Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday...I Think Not!

When I woke up today I thought of the very few things I HAD to accomplish. Pictured here are NONE of those things (because I didn't get any of them done), but what can I say...reading people's blogs inspired me to do some quick crafting.

I put some finishing touches on our tree. We've had it up and decorated for a week now, but I didn't want to show you until it was complete. So that will come later this week.
I made a quick banner for the fireplace.
I made some more gift tags (idea from Honeybunch)

I made some wire and button candy canes (idea from Sarah's Post on 11/25)

And I made this sign - last weekend! Just wanted to share it hanging in our guest room, because I'm loving how simple an addition it has been to the room. Hope you're all getting some of this before the first full week of December begins!

More to come tomorrow! Happy December!! Be sure to stop by and checkout the giveaway at Bunnies' Bungalow! Be SURE to tell her I sent you!


Dona said...

Do you ever sleep? You are always crafting something. Don't know how you do all that and teach too. Your crafts are great.


Wanda said...

Those gift tags are great! I love everything you did, but really like them.

Junkyard Jennifer said...

I love the candy canes. I've been wanting to try making those ever since I saw them on Sarah's blog too! {I'm pretty sure I won't be getting to them this year though.}

Nicky said...

Love your crafts.. .very festive x

nickycunha said...

sondra, ur stuff is just adorable. i'm so proud of you! hope i'm the lucky recipient of a gift tag!

i HEART those candy canes too! they've been on my to-do-list since I saw them on Sarah's blog but I'm outta wire from all my wreaths. maybe i should come borrow yours! hah.

happi crafting ;-)

honeybunch said...

Hi there - I love what you did with those gift tags. So cute. Thanks for the inspiration (and the link)

Merry Christmas