Monday, May 12, 2008

Things You Should Know About...

The Vintage Apron Swap has ended and here is my sweet apron from the lovely Ms. Whitney at Kindred Joy. I adore it's frilly-froofiness!

And she sent me the cutest bookmark that I forgot to take a picture of. If I remember, I'll show it to you later. Thanks Whitney!

Here is the apron that I sent to Whitney. We were instructed to send NOTHING BUT the apron. However, I couldn't resist some leftover W's (from Lindsey's necklace - which I still need to share with you), made into tags. So I put together just a few for her. Sorry Sarah!! Isn't it ironic that we both chose purple?!

Sarah at The Misadventures of Mama and Jack is hosting a vintage tablecloth giveaway for her birthday. Check it out!
Also, The Chronicles of Windy Ridge is having a May Giveaway that gives me butterflies. I love this blog, her photography, and Eden's Bouquet. I dream of being the winner here!


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh, they are both lovely. Do you have flickr account so you can add them to the pool?

If not I can help you.

Nicky C. said...

super-cute bracelet!!