Monday, May 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser!!

Yesterday was the official start of our Biggest Loser competition. Josh and I both dream of being in tip top wedding shape by September. We're both VERY competitive, as well. So he has developed his own little friendly version of the BL. We are going to weigh in every Sunday evening. The winner, he or she with the greatest weight loss percentage, will receive his or her chosen prize for the week. We are planning to sit down and hash out prize choices tonight. I think I'm doomed in this competition considering he's almost two of me and has much more to lose. But there is nothing like a little comptetition to motivate a girl, so I've decided to go along with it and reward myself for good behavior, either way!


Nicky C. said...

does that mean we're going to yoga 2nite?!?

Vicki said...

you should do percentage of body weight lost. They always lose faster than us. It's so unfair!!!! Vicki at