Monday, June 2, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For... know, all two of you! No, really, several readers have asked me to share the dress picks after the little poll we had back in, hmmm...January, I think. Little did you know just how many things have evolved since then with these dresses. Let me just say - "Uggghh"! We'll leave it at that. Without further ado, here are the picks. Now I know they are tiny. I think if you click on them they will enlarge and probably conveniently open up the page where you can purchase one for yourself if your heart so desires. Yes, they are all quite different. I let the girl's choose what they wanted to wear. Hoping that they'd be more comfortable spending an entire day in such a thing, if they were to choose it themselves, there could be absolutely no complaining, right?! RIGHT, LADIES!!!! Think of it as a mini fashion show. Are you all thinking I'm crazy yet? It will be easier to picture on October 12th, when I actually show you a picture!! Envision each of them in a very dark, burnt orange color with ivory trim. And the opposite for the flower girls and myself (Oh, I wish I could show you mine!!). I know it's difficult, but JUST TRY!
Dress 1: Will be worn by future SIL - Lindsay
Dress 2: Will be worn by Maid of Honor - Meghan
Dress 3: Will be worn by Matron of Honor - Katie
Dress 4: Will be worn by BJB - Nicky
Dress 5: Will be worn by future SIL - Sarah

Dress 6: Will be worn by Junior Bridesmaid and Cousin - AlexisDress 7: Will be worn by older of two Flower Girls and future niece - Jada And, now, dresses 8 and 9: One or the other to be worn by the peanut of the two Flower Girls - Olivia. Help me decide which one. I thought 9 because it's floor length - same as everyone else's. But I just think 8 is too darn cute! Help!!!


Anonymous said...

The dresses are beautiful. I love them all. Olivia will be cute in whichever dress you choose. If I had to pick, I'd say dress 8. Oh, this is getting very exciting! Only 131 days to go! (I can't figure out what the heck my password is so I had to post anonymously...this is from Sue in Kenosha!)

Vicki said...

Just beautiful. Now what will you do to make sure you look far more beautiful than them? Feed them fattening food starting now? Rip a hem or 2? My maid of honor was 5'10" blonde and too pretty. I asked her to not wear makeup that day. Do you think she listened? No. So selfish!!!
I can't wait to see your dress. I love weddings...Vicki at

Dona said...

Just love the dresses you picked! Your wedding is going to be great. I can not wait to see the pics. You are a very lucky lady.


Robolady said...

They are all such beautiful dresses. I like dress 6, the way the skirt is krinkled up. I just love burnt orange, my kitchen, car, purse and lots of my clothes are that color. I'm sure it will be beautiful.
BTW: My Son is a wedding photog and you might like to look at his site for picture ideas to show your photog.