Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Which Do You Prefer?

We are still enjoying a Garden Tour intermission, so I would look for your guidance on something else. The invitation sets that I purchased didn't come with a reception card, so I have to make one. I normally am a bit anal about these things, but I refuse to be when creating a 120 reception cards. I'll go insane and it's not worth it. So if you're on the invite list and your homemade card is cut a bit unevenly or mis-centered on it's background...turn a blind eye or deal with it!

I want to know if you think I should make them with or without the leaves? Maybe I'll share the whole invitation with you tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out how to cover certain details within the invite before I do it. Does anyone know how to do that? And don't say photoshop...because I only have the knock-off versions!


Anonymous said...

I like the one with the leaves.

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I prefer the one with the leaves. The one without the leaves seems really plain. Maybe with a darker color font so that the leaves don't seem so drastic.

Nicky C. said...

i like the border of the one on the left. and the leaves of the right. i agree with happiness on pike street that the other is too plain.

my slicing doohickie is available for borrowing! it could save you LOADS of cutting time if u plan on using scissors.

or i'm sure some handy bridesmaid could be bribed to help sharpen their cutting skills with a glass of wine. or two ;-)

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I just received the wedding invites and they are beautiful! I have to admit that the reception cards are perfect! The pictures just didnt do them justice! In the picture it looks like a big card, but since it is only a small card, it looks perfect without the leaves and not too plain! See you Saturday Bride-to-be!