Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something Old...

You all know the saying -

Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue

Well the 'old' part shouldn't be difficult to come by, as there is plenty of that in this wedding!

But we want to bring it into our day whenever and wherever possible! This is why the Mr. built a couple of pairs of stilts. (I know what you're thinking..."if he just built them, how are they old?", right! But that's just a minor detail. Trust me....they're vintage inspired and we have stained them a dark walnut color to make them appear aged.)
(Big thanks to our friend McAllister who was willing to give these bad boys a test drive!)

From the beginning I have said that I would like to have some games and activities for the little ones, to keep them preoccupied. I have several ideas for these activities, which will be set up on the patio at the country club. I searched ebay for some 'old school' games that would fit into our day. They had little to offer and what I did find were quite pricey. So I took matters into my own hands (and then immediately put them into Josh's!!) and printed out instructions on how to make stilts. He made a child size set and an adult set. In afterthought, the adult set was probably a huge mistake. It could turn out to be an awful liability with the whole open bar thing and all!!

Now, if I could just find that stick and hoop game. Any suggestions on where I can get my hands on one of those?????

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Nicky C. said...

if he could only be that tall all the time. then i could wear heels...

totally agree w/you. adult set may be big time reception trouble!