Sunday, September 21, 2008

Reclaiming My Kitchen

As I've continued working on all the "do it myself" (d.i.m.) projects for this wedding, I've begun to run out of space for them. You saw how the favors took over the guest room (along with the hideous mistake dresses and the bridesmaid's thank you gifts). I have stacks of paper on the bedside table in our bedroom along with all my "bride necessities" stashed away in there. The office, well lets just never mind the office...what a joke that is! The sunporch is jammed with the Guest Jars, candles, mason jars and some other odds n' ends. Our dining room is full of more mason jars, bathroom baskets, fabric, children's favors and other decorating needs. Our attic is housing the drinking glasses and lighted topiaries along with the water that is to be placed in the welcome bags for the hotels. And, then there is the kitchen. My goodness....there's been a whole lot of hot gluing going on in there lately! What a mess!! Now I don't want to confuse you and make you think I'd normally be cooking in there, either; as I'm not much of a cook! Nor do I want you to think that it is normally clean, because that's not true either. Though it's the price I pay for Josh cooking!! But it gets old after a while having no counter space to butter your toast or slice your cheese. So today, FINALLY, I finished these stinkin' candleholders and began attempting to take back my kitchen. It should be comletely back to normal sometime in late October. For now, I will appreciate the progress I've made and make us a pie!

Oh, and believe it or not, I'll be taking a break from hot glue and burlap for a while....after the wedding, of course! I'm sure many of you welcome this, as you're probably sick of coming by here and seeing another post with burlap!!!!!!!


Nicky C. said...

sick of burlap?!

say it isn't so!!

hoooray for finishing. they're plain adorable!

Vicki said...

Wow. That's one way to avoid pre-wedding jitters..exhaustion! I loved doing the bathroom baskets...weird, huh? I wish every bathroom had a little basket of emergency goodies. It isn't long now!!!! Oh, I just realized that you'll lose that great last name. Sondraschuld sounds so good... Vicki at

emily said...

Best wishes on your day! I know everything is going to go wondeful! Can't wait to see pics, enjoy every minute!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

LOVe burlap....I use it in my home decorating as well. That is a cool idea using those for votives. cherry

Vicki said...

Hey there Miss Married Lady. Did you reserve for the Blogger Tea on November 1st? You will love the place. It's next door to one of my favorite antique barns ever. Check out my second to last blog post for details. Bring a blogger friend if you like. The more, the merrier. Bring wedding photos too!!!Vicki at