Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wedding Favors

I presented these decorated favor boxes to Brett and LindsAy last week. I offered to put some samples together for them to look at. The fact that I misspelled my future SIL's name is only a minor detail, right? I have an excuse though! My childhood best friend's (of 15+ years) name is LindsEy. So...it's a habit. One that it is my goal to break long before this wedding actually takes place.

Now the other consideration you all must make is that I did not have any time to set up a "photo shoot". I had forgotten to take pics of these little guys. Then when Brett and LindsAy were getting ready to go, I said, "Wait! I need a few pics." (In Sondra terms that = 100!) So I rushed to snap a zillion photos as quickly as possible, in the worst possible light mind you. So this is what we've got...

Then there is the detail of my cutting. If these samples were really meant for the wedding and not just to browse, I would have been sure to make perfect (perfection is NOT a problem here, as you can see - ha - ha!) cuts on each and every one of them. But since these were just to give them an idea of what we can do with the boxes, I rushed through them. I have decided to do a poll to see what you all think about the boxes and whether any are "wedding-worthy". So be sure to vote.

Although, each of them did have a favorite, I assure you there was no rush of enthusiasm out of either of them regarding the boxes. Maybe the boxes suck???? I'll add that to my poll! Or maybe they just weren't feeling enthusiastic. Either way, no hard feelings. I had fun playing around. And I'd do it all over again even if they do suck!! Let me know what you think...

Box A (I know the picture is TERRIBLE...)

Box B
Box C
Box D (on left) Box E (on left)

Box F (on right)

Box G
Box H (also a HORRIBLE picture)

Box I (for "I" really like this one!!!)

Choice J = Use them all - variety is good~!

Choice K = All these choices suck...give it up Sondra!

***Be sure to click on the first picture of all the boxes to get a clearer image of the individual boxes that didn't come out so well!!


FarmHouse Style said...

Hmmm, I think J~Variety is good. Actually they all look so cute, I couldn't decide on just one:)

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


emily said...

Great job! I really like choice "I"!

LindsAy said...

I, as the future SIL love all of them and found it hard to choose just one!!! Thanks Sondra! They came out awesome! But I already knew they would because of your creativity, unlike mine :(

honeybunch said...

A & E get my vote! Can I vote for two?