Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Debut

Whew! Am I ever nervous about my blogging debut. Those who know me well also know that there is no place for me in the "techno" world... So I am rightly nervous about the "big plunge" I have acted so eradically in today. The concerns I have about taking this step are those that I would prefer to consider "normal". Fears like, "Will anybody care to ever read my blog?", "Will I be able to maintain a blog once the summer is over and I head back to work for ten months", "Will I forget that this blog is not a "virtual therapist" and I should not tell all when blogging?" and of course, "Will my life become soo boring that I will run out of things to talk about on the blog?"

I decided to put myself out there anyway, as I am under the influence of others. These others are: namely my friend Nicky who blogs almost daily and makes it seem easy and the plethera of blogs that I have been introduced to via the Junkmarket's Junk Club. I really only found one of the blogs I'm speaking of there; it is called freshvintage. But after I visited that blog and saw all the fun blogs that Colleen suggested and all the fun blogs that those blogs suggested and all the... Well, you get the drift don't you?! And now I can't get enough! I can't wait to share them all with you.

Bare with me as I find my way in the blogging world. I promise to post the fun blogs I've been reading as soon as I figure out how to create that handy-dandy list everyone else has down the side of their blog. Ohhhhp! Never mind - I just figured it out.

So salute to the blogging world and making a tiny corner in it for me!


niccunha said...


I'm so excited about your 'plunge'. I know it will be so much fun to read your blog!

I find it ironic actually b/c I was typing you an email last night (after I joined the Junkmarket junk club) to suggest that the 'Dirty Birdies' set up a blog together!

Hmmm. Now there is a thought!!

McAllister said...

Thats all the world needs, ANOTHER blogger!

Colleen said...

Hi Sondra! Thanks for mentioning my blog. I guarantee that you will not run out of things to write about. When I first started, I thought the same thing, but I'm on my 77th post and counting!

Sondra said...

Thanks all - Mc excluded!

Nic - a db website is just the thing. Lets do it!

Colleen - You're welcome. I love freshvintage and want to go shopping with you one day!