Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rainy Days don't have to be ALL Bad!

What do you do at a lake house for a week when it rains every day and your dog can't come inside?, of course.

My mother and I decided to scout out some antique stores while at the lake to get both us and Dan Man out of the house or should I say off the deck (where my poor Dan had to spend his week).
We fell in love with Country Mall Antiques and here are some of my great buys. I have been inspired by freshvintage and the way that Colleen shows her finds and how much they cost. So I decided to show you Sondra's version. Granted - I still can't find the kind of steals that Colleen finds, but I am happy with my spree this week! Here you have it:

Sorry about the pics. I need to work on my staging. But up-close was difficult with all this stuff. Here is the rundown of prices and explanations of items wherever I felt it necessary to explain!

large canning jar pot - free

tiny green candle holder - free
3 miniature plates and oval picture frame - free
8 pc. tea and saucer set - free (an exuse to have a tea party I guess)
black and white plate - free (Why? Why not!).
2 blue books - free (One is the confessions of somebody Rosseau - sounds interesting!)
pink birdie candleholder - free (only cuz it matches my guest room)
2 Reader's Digest books - $1 each (Love their decorative covers and couldn't pass them up, but now I feel like a fool after reading how much Lilia from Flea Market Studio paid for her vintage Reader's Digest books... .20 a piece = it's almost painful!)

Muriel Cigar Box - $1 another booth had the same box for $8 = can you say rip off? (my GMA had a boyfriend once upon a time that liked to call her Muriel so she'll really get a kick out of this box. Hmm...maybe he was calling out for a cigar instead of her???)
green book - .40
Quaker oats tin and hot cocoa tin - 1.50 each
metal drying rack - .80 (To be turned into a picture display)
silver tray - .80
silver and wood serving tray - .80 (I plan to decopauge pics over the gaudy wood)
lazy susan - 3.00 (I have so many ideas and uses for these - I could not resist)
glass goblet - .80
spoon rest - .40 (my mother insisted I get this - "everyone should have one" and when you can make your mother happy for .40, I suggest you jump on it!)
Miller Lite mug - .90 (I am not an alcoholic; however my mother's maiden name is Miller and my brother and cousins eat that paraphanalia up! A belated gift for Brett's birthday!)
Miller Lite metal sign - 5.00 (from Public Market - not the antique store, but another "must have")
Miller Lite beer tap pull - 5.00 (Hemlock Flea Market find - what a place!)
2 Pyrex/Glasbake divider dishes - .65 and .75 (No need - just couldn't pass up the price)
Pyrex Pitcher - 3.00 (my other GMA - who is very ill right now - had this pitcher when I was young - no other explanation needed)
red and orange Pyrex bowl - 3.00
2 paper trays - 2.50 a piece
6 polka dessert bowls - .16 a piece
mailbox - 4.50
crock - 3.00 (without cactus' in it; they were left over from fiesta night - more to come on that!!)
Spanish style blanket - 4.78 (tablecloth for fiesta night)
level - 5.00 (another shelf in the guest room?)
small linen towel (with the recipe for "Sill Salad" whatever that is! = yuck!) - 3.75
floral vintage tablecloth - 3.75
other two vintage tablecloths - 6.75 a piece (I know these aren't necessarily deals, but I'm really into the vintage linens lately and can't seem to pass them up!!)
For a grand total of 72.54 - I think!


Josh said...

Great finds Honey! More stuff for me to avoid stubbing my toe on in the morning:)

niccunha said...

and the happiness junking treasures bring.... PRICELESS!

looks like u struck GOLD with all ur finds Sondra. Good job!

Colleen said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me! I think it is so much more interesting when people tell you how much they spent. I think those vintage tablecloths were a great deal at 6.75 a piece- I definitely would have bought them for that price!