Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seize the Day

I woke up today all excited about my new blog. Me - a blogger - who woulda thunk it? I was conjuring up all sorts of fun stuff to write about when I realized I was running a bit behind. I needed to be at Central Office for a meeting with Human Resources regarding my certification. For those of you who don't know, I'm a teacher and in N.Y. teachers must acquire permanent certification within 5 years of earning their initial certification or they will lose their certification and ultimately their job. What this basically means is that you have to take a bunch of exams that cost $150 each and get a masters degree. All of which I've done.

So I went to my meeting and found out that apparently I haven't taken a test - a test, of course, that I was unaware existed! Gotta love NY, making it harder than hell to make a living! Who wouldn't want to live/work here? Ultimately, I was forced into a leave of absence before I left there and told that I will only have a postion in the district if and when I settle my certification crap.

There went all that excitement I woke up with! But I must say that I handled it well - I think! I'm still handling it, I guess. I definitely got the answer I was looking for on 'Blog Fear Question #2' (see below). I will certainly have plenty of time to maintain my blog since I won't be going back to work!

Here's the thing...I believe that everything happens for a reason. I also believe that this is God's way of getting me out of a job I shouldn't have been in to begin with. I wasn't happy and it was time for a change. Sometimes...when you can't bring yourself to make a change, someone else will do it for you. I know that this is a blessing in disguise and when all is said and done I'll be better off. I think this is my opportunity to get out there in the decorating world and make a name for myself. I'll seize the day! I mean, you've all seen what I'm capable of with the dirty birdies: Maybe I'll share some pics from my house in the next few days, too. Spread the word to all decor. gurus!!!

Gotta go. I hear a knock at the door. Is that you Mrs. Opportunity? Nope - just Danny Boy.

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