Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Sale-ing and Affordable Prices...My Lucky Day

Today I picked Nicky up and we headed off to a few neighborhood sales. Unfortunately, the only thing we found worth while were two large boxes of canning jars for $5 with a few zinc lids and a very small pedestal stand for Nicky.

We decided we would head on over to Garage Sale Sunday at the Public Market and we were so glad we did!! We not only found some really great finds, but the prices were right, too!! Don't you just love it when that happens?
Here are today's goodies and their very affordable prices (you'll have to visit Nicky to see what she picked up):

A ceramic Xmas tree - .25

Seven small rolls of silk thread in the most perfect fall colors (more to come on this later!) - .50

A deck of Saturday Evening Post cards (too cute to pass up) - .50
A liquor tag....fuuuunnnnn!!!! And an instant need to find many, many more...- .50

A set of opera lenses with a built-in case - $1
Very cute, vintage square tablecloth - $1

A super fun journal - $1A huuuuge metal shovel with a wooden handle - $3 A very cool, old, wooden clipboard with an extra clip - $1

A just-as-cool-as-the-clipboard, wooden scooter - $4

Edit: Thank you Robin!!!!!!! It IS INDEED a skateboard. That is what happens when you think you're the queen of multi-tasking! I do have a scooter, from about two years ago, that happens to be sitting right near my desk. Unfortunately, I still haven't done a darn thing with it....we need a bigger house!