Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Sequence of Sadness

This is what happens when Danny realizes it is NOT a weekend. First, he gets edgy when both Mommy AND Daddy are up early (because everyone knows Daddy doesn't do early on the weekends!). Then he watches as I lay clothes out on the bed after ironing, definitely not part of the weekend routine. At this point, he knows what the lies ahead but is still in denial!! He looks at Josh, still waking up over there, and prays (sees his paws together there??) that he will stay put for just a little longer. He does everything he can to keep me from putting those clothes on. But once he sees me make my way with lotion and deodorant to the bedside, he pulls out all the stops, as he becomes all too aware of his fate....another four hour nap-alone-on the couch-in silence!

"Mommy, look at this face! Are you really going to leave me again???"

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Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Isn't being a parent heart wrenching sometimes! And you think that you will be okay leaving your kids for a vacation! Remember how hard it was to leave Danny when you went to Vegas!:) I always feel so horrible because I remember how I hated being away from my parents when I was little! Remember, I didnt stay at your house till we were like seniors! Lol!