Friday, April 17, 2009

The Nerve!

First of all, so much for being back two days in a row. But twice in one week should be worth something...don't ya think?!

We've spent a good part of this week fussing over nursery furniture. See, I've known that I was pregnant for a loong time. Since December really. And a while back a new baby store opened in our city. It's called Buy Buy Baby. It just so happens that Josh's company built the store. Soo...he encouraged me to go in one day and check it out. We did and I LOVE IT! With that said, I saw a furniture set there (for a girl) that I fell in love with. I told him immediately that if we were having a girl we'd have to come back for it. Well, fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we found out we were having a girl and that furniture has been on my mind ever since.

Fast forward again to last weekend when my mother, SIL and I went back to the store to take a look at it. I was informed that the set has been discontinued and they only have one left in the store. They could hold it for 24 hours, but then after that it's up for grabs. No discount off the floor model either, which I cannot understand for the life of me. I loved their service up until the point they told me this. Well, this and also that they won't ship the furniture from another store if they have it elsewhere. What they have is for sale and then it's gone. SERIOUSLY?! Anyway, I wasn't planning on dropping that much cash that day so I had them put the hold on it and said we'd come back for it. I needed to discuss it with Josh, who sweetly informed me the baby just didn't have to have that set. There are plenty of perfectly wonderful sets out there. WRONG!

After some convincing, he realized she did have to have it. So we bought the crib. My mom and dad bought the hutch and his mom and stepdad bought the changing dresser. This was the plan to begin with. It just ended up being a very hurried version of the plan. This baby has wonderful grandparents in case you haven't noticed!! Now all we need to get is the armoire. I told Josh to leave it for last because not only is it the most expensive piece, but it is also the least necessary because she already has a closet in her room. Half full already...might I add! Josh, the same guy who started off telling me she did NOT HAVE to have this set, informed me after going back for the other pieces that she ABSOLUTELY HAS to have the armoire. He said it's the best part! Soo...we are hoping to head back next weekend and praying that the armoire will still be there.

The nerve of these folks to discontinue a set that our family "has to have". I know that sounds so selfish and materialistic, and it is. But before you judge too much, please....understand that this baby is a blessing to us beyond belief and she will be our first born child. So we want everything to be perfect!

Here is BGM's new furniture. Be sure to picture it in a very creamy color. It is NOT white. The last photo is a picture of how the crib converts to a full big girl bed. There is an in between stage for toddlers, but I didn't see a photo of it. I'm sure you'll get to see that transition one day! Also, this is not my house and those weird masks on the wall in the big girl room are definitely NOT my masks!


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

So cute! You are right to stick to your guns and get what you matter what the cost!!!!! I got a complete set when I was pregnant for Matt too. Yet, have passed it on to others since. We actually have 3 cribs (2are still in storage...we took out the closest for Emerson:-), gave away the changing table/dresser and still have the armoire!:-) The first baby is so exciting!!!!! Not that the third is not as exciting, just different! I guess you aren't AS exhausted by your other children yet and have more time to focus on the blessing on the way! I am so happy for you! Are you showing yet? I want to see pics, or you if you ever venture this way! Good luck darlin! What about names???

Nicky C. said...

oh that set is super-duper adorable! hope the armoire worked out for you guys :)