Monday, April 20, 2009

She's Healthy! Thank GOD!

We went to the doctor and they confirmed the girl parts - again. We got the news that everything with the little peanut is perfect! Yes, perfect!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is not only a blessing, but a miracle. It wasn't until last year that I was able to realize what a miracle a baby is. Now I know for sure that they are not to be taken for granted. SHE is NOT to be taken for granted. I thank God for HER every day.

I was a bit nervous about this appointment because I've been having what I now know as contractions. I know you are probably thinking that's impossible, but it's true. I wake every morning to a knot in my belly immediately below my belly button. I pee, it relaxes. I climb back into bed and somedays it comes back again. Some days it doesn't. When I was told that these were contractions, I thought the doctor was crazy. I didn't realize you could have them this early. She did say that many people get them VERY early, but can't feel them or recognize them. She thinks that mine are due to an irritable uterus (aka nothing to worry about if I just pee and move on). My bladder being the irritant. I may be drinking too much water before crawling into bed at night and this is filling the bladder to the point of irritating the uterus. The last thing I want is to irritate my uterus, or anything in that region, so I've got to work on this. In the mean time, the doc thinks they are harmless because there are less than four an hour. Pheww!Don't get's an old pic. I had to show you how tiny she was three months ago compared to now. Above is her ultrasound from January. Crazy, huh?!
Here she is now.
After showing you these photos, I feel the need to apologize to her though. Josh and I both have big legs. Thick legs. Those who know us, know that well. You can tell already that this poor girl is also going to be blessed with big, thick legs. Another generation of thunder thighs....{sigh}. I think she's going to make up for it everywhere else, though. Good thing we've got her a cover-up for her bikini for next summer! (I'll have to show you that later.) I've completely lost my mind buying this girl clothes. She's got a closet full already and meanwhile her mama is dressing like a bum, recycling through the few things I own that actually fit. She will be much better dressed than me or her father. I have to admit, I did break down and order a few dresses from Gap Maternity this past weekend. I also ordered some tanks to add to the ones we bought yesterday after the appt. It's getting hot in our building (at work) already and I'm not sure my tiny summer shirts from the years passed will cut it.

Hopefully Josh gets bored with this post and never makes it down to this picture. He will not be happy to see it on here. He feels that she needs to be more lady-like and not so...shall we say..."open"! Trust me when I say she made it even more obvious that she was a little lady (*or at least working on it) during the last ultrasound! So I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate this exploitation before he has the chance to mold her into the perfect little lady he's looking for. Maybe I should have left this one out, but I love it because it shows those big, healthy thighs and I can't resist imagining what they'll look like in person. I call her "cute" already - even though she seems to look more like a gummy bear than anything else. Josh just laughs and probably secretly thinks I'm insane! Or, at times, not-so-secretly!!!

Beside the fact that she is so free, our little one also seems to be a bit on the hyperactive side. During the past three ultrasounds and the past three heart monitorings, the techs and doctors have all commented to us on how "very active" our little one is. SHE IS WILD! She started off about six weeks ago, with kicking and waving. And lets not forget holding her head with one hand in a very dramatic fashion. Josh says she gets that from me, but I have no idea what he means by that. Then she began to run (or swim sort of) from the doppler when they would try to get a heart rate on her. She went from that to moving all over and kicking like crazy when I play classical music and put headphones on my belly. I could feel her at 16 wks. She will do this for an hour. She either loves this or can't stand it - not sure yet so check back in about 4 1/2 months! Now she has proceeded to do flips and place her hands in and out of her mouth, repeatedly, at a very fast pace. She's opening her mouth and curling her body up then stretching it out abruptly. She's very animated - that is my side of the family and does whatever she feels like despite what we want her to do - that's Josh! We are predicting an athlete. I'm hoping for an Abby Wambach myself!

I hope to be back tomorrow with some narrowed down name choices, finally!!!!!!!!


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Hurry up with the names already!LOL!

RobinBirdsNest said...

How exciting! So very happy for you!

emily said...

CONGRATS Sondra!!! Thats so exciting! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to hear the names, the furniture is beautiful! :)

Kristina said...

From the mother of one active baby to another: the kicking doesn't stop!! Even now, he is constatnly kicking! We are hoping for a swimmer :) P.S. I got great cotton dresses (that fit pefectly over big bellies!) at NY & Co. when I was pregnant with Ollie.

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