Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's In A Name?

The American Heritage Dictionary says that the definition of 'name' is:

A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others.

{I couldn't resist this sweet beanie from Warm and Fuzzy Baby. It now awaits the peanut's arrival in a basket full of hand-me-down hats from friends.}

{I also bought her first set of hair bows. I saw Annies Bananies on Tip Junkie's Blog and had to get some. This set comes with a headband customized with a loop for the bows to clip into. That way Baby Girl can wear them right from the start, whether she has hair or not. Yayyyy!}

Some people don't think naming a child is a big deal, others disagree. I know baby will have to carry whatever name we choose for her, with her for the rest of her life. So far the process has not been easy. Sometimes fun, but not real easy!

Let me share with you the exhaustive list of choices I've come up with....
Averly/Avery - Ava
Everly - Evvy
Brinley - Brin
Liliana - Lily
Emmalyn - Emma

**I would love to hear suggestions and feedback. Positive, that is. Some people are soo rude when it comes to naming a baby!! After some of the comments I've heard so far, I'm not sure I'll share the name until after BGM is born......


Anonymous said...

I definately don't blame you at all about not telling anyone until the babe is born... especially coming from your SIL cuz I like very different names. Do you know how many comments I have gotten on my dog's name??? SOOO... anyways, I have thought about it and I like Raegan( :) ) and Melia. If I keep looking at the list I am going to like others too!!!


Anonymous said...

My favorites are Avery, Ashlyn and Addison...Hmmm guess I have a thing for 'A' names. Good luck with picking one. They are all great. Morgan didn't have a name until 5 weeks before she was born. Joe came home one day and just said 'Morgan', I said 'Yep, that's the name if it's a girl.' For the twins we were still decidiing on the way to the hospital. See you in a few weeks.


Girl Land said...

I love Raegan (or Regan/Reagan)-- that was one of our finalists. I also really like Camilla, Leyla, Addison (Addie for short???), and Juliet!

Also, my cousin has a good friend named Brynne. I just think that's beautiful. We had some serious constraints with names-- couldn't do anything starting with "m", with ANY l's or ending with an "ee" sound. Phooey.

Kristina said...

I love Camilla! Ollie votes for Avery, since it is his girlfriend's name! Totally understand about people's comments. I was so frustrated with hearing "oh that reminds me of a dog's name." People can be so annoying...don't they know not to mess with pregnant people?? :)

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

FINALLY! The moment I have been waiting for! LOL! What a great list of names! Are they in any particular order? I think being a teacher is one of the hardest parts to naming a child! I agree with Linds on Raegan (isn't that her maiden name?) I also love Ava and Isabella but that is Heath's twins names. I love McKinley. My girlfriend has twins named Madigan and McKinley. Everly is not one I have not heard before, love that! I like so many! With me it was easy to narrow down my list with help from Chauncey! One of my very fav.s was Greyson (Grey or Greys for short). It is a spin off of Grace that has always been my fav. but is so common now! Also, it did not go with our middle names! BOO! So, anyway, let me know if you narrow it down at all! BTW love the hat!!! I am a big hat fan! Love and good luck to ya! Hope you feel well!

Anonymous said...

Avery, Marina, and Brett, i have heard once before!

Love b

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I love Brett! That would be so appropriate! Mr. Butler's granddaughter is named that! She is a doll! I think it is spelled Breht though. Good luck!

Nicky C. said...

names... fun, fun, FUN!! I've been waiting for these ;-) I totally agree with witholding the name until birth - people can be so cruel. so far my faves are:

Emma, Ava, Melia and Raegan b/c i think they're among the best fit for you and J's personality.

I love Kennedy and Addison dearly - those are on my 'hopefully someday' list.

Evangeline and Vera are so lovely and really unique. I keep saying them over and over again paired up with ur last name!

and last but certainly not least - I can't help but LOVE McKinley... anything that starts with Mc is a winner in my book ;-)

anyone of the options will be perfect! name, or no name, I can't wait to meet baby girl Myers in person!!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I thought of a couple more names that have grown on me after many hours of searching for the perfect name....Denver and Neveah. Denver is a name I heard from a friend and Nev is Heaven backwards. I thought you might like that from our "backward name days":-) Good luck darling!