Thursday, April 9, 2009


YES - I'm alive!
YES - I've been the world's worst blogger for at least 6 months.
YES - I have an excuse (several really).
YES - I am aware that most of you have given up on me AND this blog.
YES - Some of you have left comments that I didn't notice until now.
YES - I've avoided this blog like the plague for a long time.
YES - I'm going to make every effort to get back on the blogging wagon.
YES - I refuse to promise that my efforts will do any good.
And.....YES...that ticker up there is for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start with an apology for no photos in my return debut post. I've got nothing and it was a last minute decision.

Moving on to my excuses....all of which are extremely valid as I'm sure you'll agree.
*first of all, our computer got very sick with a virus and had to spend some time at the doctors so rather than uploading pictures to Josh's laptop everyday, that he would eventually force me to remove, I just said to heck with it!
*While away at the doctor, my computer's memory was cleared and restored and I've lost every single blog address I had in my favorites because of that (and because I had been too lazy to add them to my blog or put them on delicious or one of those other handy things that I have no idea about.) So if you're reading this and I've ever visited or commented on your blog, please leave your blog address in a comment so that I can add it back to my blog list. Please!
*The holidays were very busy, too. Let's not forget that! I was feeling down. Didn't decorate and things around here were too boring to talk about on a blog.
*About half way through January to halfway through February, I was not feeling so hot. Thank God I wasn't in as rough of shape as the computer, but I was bed bound for a few weeks!
*Since then I've been exhausted and sleeping a lot. (It's a low iron situation and we're working on it.)
*Since beginning to feel better toward the end of February/beginning of March, I've been paranoid that if I blogged I'd leak the secret and jinx us.
*In March, we started remodeling the attic to make room for Baby Girl Myers and things have pretty much been non-stop since then. I think the iron is beginning to take effect, but who would know when we are going, going, going?

So I figured that since we found out this week that Baby Myers is a girl and we also took the plunge with a registry, I might as well get back on here and share the news. I do hope that if you read this you'll pray for us. I never feel safe as I'm sure many of you can understand. We are SUPER excited though and trying to just be happy and worry-free as best we can, as we know that's best for the little one.

I think this should cover it for shocking news and elaborate excuses. I'm going to do my best to be back tomorrow....with something!!! Maybe you can help out with names??!!


Anonymous said...

Sondra - FINALLY, an update to your blog...I checked back regularly and was always hoping for a new entry. I was so happy to see this one!! Congrats to you and Josh! We could not be happier for you! Ok, my dumb blog sign on and password doesn't work it's me...Sue in Kenosha!

Jenn said...

Congrats, I was wondering if you fell off the earth. Good to see a new entry. Enjoy your pregnancy.

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

II AAAMMM SSSOOOO EEEXXXCCCIIITTEEEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought something was up!!!!!!!!!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I just had to comment again and reiterate how excited I am for you!!!!! Many prayers your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just texted you and cant wait to find out all the details!!!!

bec4 said...

Welcome back and congratulations!

Grammy said...

WOOHOO!!!! I'm so happy for U both!!XXOO, We were worried about ya, now we know the "rest of the story".....Congrats to all!!
Love YA!

Guto said...

Hi Sondra, it´s Guto all the way down from Brazil sending my congratulations to you and Josh! I´m very happy for you! I´ll be in NYC im May with the Ms. and we are planning to drive up. Maybe we can get together.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! So excited for you-Enjoy :)

Jenn said...

Now remember she may not come right on her due date. We ladies like to be a little late for everything.

Magnolia Street Style said...

Welcome back and congratulations. What great news!

Nicky C. said...

holy toledo. i check back and 3 updates! YEA for you!!! looking forward to the following the stories of miss baby girl myers :)