Saturday, November 3, 2007


Update: Ho = Flo according to anonymous?????????????, bad font I guess. But I've taken a liking to the girl and dreamed up my own imaginary Ho, so I'm keeping her just as she is!!!! Do with her as you like...

Let me apologize ahead of time, by saying, "soorry, but I couldn't resist this post". I debated....but then....I couldn't help myself. I went to a super fun estate sale last Friday and got this entire lot of matchboxes for a buck. Why? Dunno! But, I went through it to take pictures so that I could put it up on ebay...and I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had had the pleasure of meeting Ho back in the day, maybe evening attending that lovely Ho's wedding. Did the man she marry stay faithful and loyal to his Ho? Did he love and cherish his Ho?

I can't keep from wondering what life, in general, brought that lovely Ho? Was she a happy Ho? Was she a working or stay-at-home Ho? Was that Ho ever a Baby Mama, or was she just simply known as the "married with no children-Ho"??

I wonder if I had known that Ho, if she and I would have been friends. I'm sure that, if we were, Ho would have introduced me to the most interesting of people and taught me the trickiest of tricks. That Ho would have really come in handy on Halloween for dressing up as this four-some (borrowed from this fun blog by Laurie)!!

So you get the point...I could go on forever, but I'll just leave it at this:

I'm sure, no matter where life has taken her, that she was a good and wholesome...HO!
Who names their poor child - Ho? Please...somebody. tell. me.!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hon, hate to burst the hilarious Ho bubble, but it's Flo.

I sometimes have dyslexia sign reading moments myself. Like PICK A FLICK- where the L and the I are a little too close together and they look like a U.

Sondra said...

Pick a F_ck, huh? Maybe Ho works there?!!

Barb McMahon said...

Who names their child Ho? After this post, I'm betting LOTS of people!

Sarah and Jack said...


(She could have been something other than American, then Ho wouldn't have been so strange. I had a student named "Go" once, she was from Korea.)

Adla said...

Hi there ,just stumbled across your blog. it a a funny name to name a child in an English sense of way. however I did have a friend named Ho and she was of Chinese origin , so there goes :) You have a cool blog, do visit mine at
Ta for now, Adla

RobinBirdsNest said...

OMG! How funny!! Love this post!!!

Amy said...

Never trust a Ho.