Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Too Many Cameras??

Can one ever really have too many cameras??? Yes!! Especially when you are THE LEAST photogenic person to ever walk the earth! This is what we have lying around the office these days. Our really, really old camera; our not so old, but very broken camera, my Aunt's camera, one of the two cameras Josh brought home from work to ease my pain and the camera in my hand (brand spankin new) that I'm using to take this picture of....what else, cameras!!??!!??

Here's my poor bitty baby cybershot:(

And this is the new one, recommended by my friend Nicky, who previously worked for Kodak. Thank you, Nicky!!! I like it a lot except for that it's huuuuuge compared to the other one and I can barely get my hand around - it's a definate "two-hander". I mean, it's not the SONY Cybershot (whimper, whimper), but it's a brand new camera that we shouldn't have bought, though we did! Josh wanted to make me happy -yeahhhh (wait a minute - was that camera just to shut me up????) Oh well, whatever, I have a working camera now and I'm happy regardless of his intentions...

I've been meaning to mention that I love Walmart - a.ka. Wally's. I really do. Josh HATES it!!!! Sometimes I drag him there and sometimes he gets out of it. It's better to leave him home, though. He takes on a very angry persona after our visits to Wally's and gripes about for the rest of the day and into the next.

But look at this fabric I found there for just one dollar per yard. And I promise you there was much, much more to be had. These are just the ones that I couldn't leave without. I had no idea anybody sold fabric for a buck, let alone one of my fav. places!! Now I know that all of you who know me are thinking, "What is SHE going to do with THAT???" But I assure you I want to learn, I really do. I just want to be sure that I find a teacher with tons of patience and sewing peers, to learn with, who are at my level (or lack of a level)! So why not stock up while the gettins good?? I'm sure all my thrifty (cheap) friends would agree.

Shabby anybody??

Dumbo's cousins. Too cute!
Who wouldn't want fabric with snorkeling, sunglass wearing whales?????

And I got a great book called Better Homes and Gardens Christmas with a copyright of 2007, but I can't find a link to it on Walmart's website or in a yahoo search, although my search was brief. I'm sleepy!!! I'll take a pic and share it tomorrow.


nickycunha said...

that's so ironic! i ransacked the $1/yd rack at walmart last Fri night while I was waiting for u to call. when u bailed, i had a wine and sewing night.

i'm self-taught and wouldn't be a good teacher but i'd be a good peer. so far i've mastered pinning during TV and sewing during commercials. several patchwork bookmarks and headbands can be pumped out in just two hours of primetime!

did u find wally's clearance rack in the craft dept?! they had 19 small metal frame tags (with string and all!) for .50 cents... great deal!

emily said...

LOVE the fabric! The one by me doesn't have a fabric department...i think at least! I'll have to go to another location.

I've been sewing for awhile now, I make pillow, cusion covers, i'm not too experience but I know the basics of using a machine. :) I'll be a peer and a teacher!

By the way, LOVE the ew camera!!! You'll have to tell me the specs on it, I want one like that for Christmas!

Adla said...

What a great deal for the fabrics.Sure is a great buy, tell me about grumpy husbands. I usually give mine a pre warning... not to sulk if I take too long looking, browsing , choosing Crafting needs.He still can't comprehend :) I guess most of us girls face the same dilemma :)

Nunnie's Attic said...

Thank you so much for entering my giveaway and mentioning that Rhonda sent you. I gave her another entry because of that.

Good Luck!

Katie said...

love the fabric, very cute. i taught myself how to sew last march. it was a little frustrating, but i did manage. i could not find anyone around here to teach me!

Sondra said...

Oh, Nicky! Do you really think that I went to Wally's, passed by the bargain bin/clearance rack and didn't buy five packs of those little tags?? You should know me better than that by now! I even found some pastelly colored ones! Loved them!!

Holly said...

I really dislike going into WalMart, mainly because you have to send up a flare to get any help at the cutting table and then they give you attitude. But they have inexpensive fabric! Which kind of makes it worth it!

And no you can never have too many cameras! My Cybershot is great, but I think it needs a Nikon friend.

nickycunha said...

sondra, my immense apologies - i sh/have known better!