Friday, November 2, 2007

More Promised Pictures

Here are a few more fall pics that I had promised. I wish I could have gotten a pic of the radio flyer sooner, rather than now when those big, beautiful mums are one their way out. I noticed my neighbor's mums, which had appeared to be dead weeks ago, are making a comeback. So my ugly brown guys aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm hoping that they'll take a turn for the better just in time for Turkey Day. I always feel like such a bad "plant mommy" when I hear people say "mums are soo hardy - you can't really kill them" because mine die every year (and NO there hasn't been any frost). So any of you plant lovers who can shed some light or rain or whatever those stinkin mums need, please feel free to comment with some tips!!!

Warning: DO NOT click on the pic. above. You may be subjected to zombie flowers, overgrown irrational bushes and/or deep rooted weeds .
Truthfully, I just prefer you avoid viewing all the weeds and dead flowers in that flower bed!!!

A couple of years ago I picked up this old column/post at REHOUSE, a local houseparts/salvage shop (right around the corner). I love this place and I love this post. Josh secoured in the ground with concrete and attached the rustic planter to the top. I try to change out the flowers/decor with the seasons. So here is the super simple fall arrangement. A pumpkin on a bed of leaves. I'm positive Martha would be disgusted with my lack of creativity on this one. This post planter creates a lot of problems for me, though. For one, all my friends give me grief because I've put my boyfriend's last name on the homemade house number sign we made (friends can be very protective - but I figure after five years...!!). In addition, the post is hollow in the middle. Water gets down inside of there and becomes a problem, especially in the winter. I'm afraid someday it will rot into pieces from moisture:( And ice has already formed inside of it creating a crack down the side which I plan to caulk and paint eventually. So my post is definately in need of some TLC, which I am promising to give the spring!

Then there are these coleus (sp.?) lining the back of our house and I forget the name of the flowers, although I know it, and am a loyal buyer of them. I'll think of it~! Astilbe, right??? I took these pictures on October 31st. It is now November 2nd and they still look the exact same way. Uhhhh - helllloooo!!! I live in Western New York. Flowers.....alive and my November-------UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!! I want them to last forever, because it is the last little bit of summer I have to cling to and although I love fall - I hate the cold. It just makes me feel blah! So reminders of summer sun and heat are very uplifting!!