Monday, March 24, 2008

Estate Sale Finds...It Must Be Spring!!

Like many women, in order to distract myself from my misery...I SHOP!!! Those who know me well, know that as much as I love me a new outfit there is nothing that compares to buying someone elses junk!! So Nicky and I headed off to a few sales last week and here are some of my finds.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have the sudden (and in my eyes understandable) urge to buy "baby stuff". So when we went to this sale and it was the last day (last day=50% off!!!), I couldn't resist these super cute bookends for $2.50. Little Missy has a chip on the edge of her dress, but I don't mind!! I love their chubby little legs and cheeks. And I have hundreds of children's books just waiting to be propped between these two sweeties!!!

Then there were these booties, also irresistible. I'm not sure if they were meant to be planters or what. But our guest room is pink and they will be perfect in there, maybe with some Q-tips and cottonballs or some fresh cut flowers, who knows. But I couldn't leave them sitting there! These were not 50% offf, but after seeing them in two more places since then, I realize that $5 was actually a good price!

In keeping with my baby buys, there is this little rocking chair that Josh and I spotted on the curb one day while we were walking Danny to the park. There is not a thing wrong with it, so how could I leave it there?? Well, I didn't obviously! I happily carried it back home. It still needs to be cleaned up, but as you can see it is in mint condition. For now, it has a home in the living room, but someday....

And finally, I bought this big 'ol coffee bin. You wouldn't believe the first day we went to this sale it was marked $45.oo!!!! Yes, that's right, I said the first day and I said $45. Sometimes we hit them twice...once early on for the "must haves" and then again at the end for the "I wouldn't spend more than x amount on that thing" items. This was one of those days and this bin was one of those items. I loved the vintage look of it, but these estate sale ladies were off their rockers if they thought they were gettin' $45 out of me (or any other sane human being for that matter) just for this old bin! So when we returned to the sale on the last and third day, I was on a mission. I wanted to buy ice skates and a box of lace if either of them were still hanging around. The lace was gone and I got two white skates for $2. I plan to use them for Xmas decor, but they're grungy so I didn't get a pic. They need some lovin'! While I was in the basement I spotted the bin still there and marked down to $20 and that was before the $50 off you get on the last day. Obviously one of those broads had sobered up from her Maxwell House high and come to her senses. But, if you know me, you know that I couldn't roll over and settle for the $10. So I offered $5, I mean in all honesty what the heck am I gonna do with this thing? Not really sure, sooo if you have some ideas do share. Anyway, the fella that the estate sale ladies make sit in the basement (I won't tell you what I call him) had an important story about this can that I completely ignored because until I heard yes or another number between 5 and 10, I had no interest in what he had to say. Then he said $7, so this is where I rolled over. It's just my style and, again, I couldn't leave the poor thing sit there all alone on the infamous "last day of the sale". Right?!

At first, I thought it would make a great trash can, but since I don't believe in going bagless in your trash won't work. There is no way to secure a bag to the side of it and that just won't do. So let me know your thoughts on what I can use this thing for and keep in mind that it isn't all that clean on the inside!

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Vicki said...

It's good to see that you are getting out! It just hits you at the weirdest times, doesn't it. I hope work went o.k. I felt much better when a colleague shared her losses with me. Hang in there. I collected bunches of baby things. Even when I thought we probably wouldn't have babies. It's just such great stuff!!!