Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pay It Forward And Other News

I have once again joined a Pay It Forward...though I swore I never would again. Not because I don't think they are wonderful, but because last time it took me forever to get my goodies out and I felt bad that I had done that to somebody. Not to mention only one person signed up. But they ARE wonderful!

Anyway, Pay It Forward is a gesture (or in this case a promise) for giving and receiving. Three lovely blog readers will put their faith in me, that since I am going to receive something that will make me SMILE (and I know it will because Sweet jessie makes theee. cutest. stuff.!!!), I will do the same for the first three peeps that leave a comment on THIS post. (That is it... and then I will contact you for your address and promise to get something super fun to you in a timely fashion!!) You don't have to have your own blog to participate...just an email that I can contact you at. Whaddaya say folks?
In other news, it has been another outrageous week around here - AGAIN! Josh has pneumonia and was hospitalized over the weekend. He's home now and working toward recovery. I've been sicker than a dog since Sunday. The doctor wants me to stay home and rest until Monday, but I don't want to miss anymore work after two weeks off. When does it end? Not yet obviously...Danny turned up yesterday with a bloody, gooey eye after playing outside and probably needed to see the vet. All this dog wants to do is go to the park. Josh took him yesterday and today, though he shouldn't have. It's just easier to rest when he has had some exercise and not constantly whining! What to do??
The good news?? Spring is here, right? It toys with us in Western New York..."now you see it, now you don't" style. Today was a good day, though. Sunny and warm (warm by our comparison!). Looking forward to better, warmer days!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sondra,
I am reading your blog. It seems the only way to keep track of you recently. How are you?


Anonymous said...

HA! Do I count to get a prize for leaving a comment!?!! LOL just playing. I hope you, Josh AND Danny are all feeling better. Hopefully we can get together this weekend if you guys are up to it! Love ya, SIL

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I have been checking daily to see how you are doing! I am sorry that things have been so crazy! Just think, the only way things can go is up...right?? We were out flying kites yesterday! At least the weather is looking up!

I hope you Josh and Danny are doing better! I always pray that when one of us in the family is sick that it doesnt become a chair reaction, which it usually does! Last time we had a sickness Matt and Topher started throwing up at the same time! YUCK! At least Matt can make it to the toilet!

I hope that things are looking up! It sounds like you and Josh need another relaxing vacation! All the stress that you have endured lately REALLY beats down your immune system! So, eat lots of fresh fruit and get lots of rest!:) (Is that even possible now days?:)