Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Am Thankful for....

I shared Thanksgiving day with my family and we feasted together! It's comforting to be home for the holidays!!

I got together with some friends that I haven't seen in years over the Thanksgiving break. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone!

As I spent time with both friends and family, I realized that how thankful I was to have everyone around me in good health, and prayers to my Grandma Schuld who is not. I hope for her to have peace very soon!

I went for a massage on Saturday and it was just what I needed!

I loved having five days off from work and I don't want to go back!

A Job:
As much as I don't want to go back to work, I thank God I have a job during the difficult times our country is facing.
My friend Siobhan will return to work tomorrow from her maternity leave. I haven't been able to visit her and the baby at home yet, but I hope to surprise her with this little gift for Baby Gianna!


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

I just had a friend who had a baby at the beginning of November and she named her little girl Gianna! So cute! I love the letters! My boys have plain wood letters on their bedroom walls that spell their names (I am not as creative as you:-). Only 21 more days till we find out what my baby is!

RobinBirdsNest said...

Adorable gift! she will love it!