Monday, November 10, 2008

New Cabinet and Blogger Tea

Just over a week ago, Nicky and I hit the road for this little place. We had planned to attend a Blogger Tea that Vicki had organized. We were able to meet a few other upstate bloggers and share conversation and a wonderful lunch with them. Along with Nicky and Vicki, Mary Ellen and Barbara were there. It was a quaint little group. My photos did not turn out; however, click on any of their names to see their photos and posts. After 3 1/2 hours of chatting and eating, oh and drinking the most delicious tea called "monkey picked tea", we headed out into the cold for some shopping. Nicky and I nearly made it through the entire barn without giving into our unnecessary wants and desires. Don't act like you don't know what I mean. Anyway, the second to last booth found us both as weak as ever. Nicky came home with some gorgeous theatre seating, which not only am I jealous of, but the fact that she already owns a set of four of these makes me just plain envious! I imagine she will post on them soon, as I struggled to find a good photo to share.I ended up purchasing this old talking machine, which I need to do a bit more research on. My apologies for the bad photo, as it is gloomy here today. (I probably should have removed all that wood on the floor next to it and behind it, as well. The kitchen floor awaits it completion....still.) The cabinet was somewhat affordable, but I now know why. First off, it doesn't talk because it's been gutted. But I knew that before buying it. Secondly, if you refer to the photo above, you will notice that the two doors are missing on the bottom of the cabinet. That is because they are too small and have about a one inch space between them when you go to close them. For this reason, I plan to run to Walmart this evening and get a small tension rod to hang a piece of fabric in there and hide all my dining junk....or umm, liquor. Uggghhhhh, I get so mad when I come home with things and find out that the seller misrepresented them in his or her booth. It seems to be quite common though.
I still plan to enjoy the cabinet just the same. It is becoming a wine/liquor cabinet, slowly but surely. Yes, I do already have one of those; however, one does not seem to be enough for some reason. I put one of my new PB napkins, from Lindsey, up there and some dried stems from a bouquet that my friend Meghan sent me just before the wedding. I think it looks really nice, despite those damned doors.

What do you think? I'll try to share another photo - post curtain makeover.Here is the top of the other wine/liquor cabinet....very full!
Lastly, the goodies that each of the wonderful ladies from the Blogger Tea gave out. Such wonderful little gifts, from really talented women! This first one is from Susan, who was not able to be there. Don't you just love that little mirror made with vintage wallpaper?! I will add it to the other vintage mirror in our guest room and start a collection, I think! An acorn needle sharpener from Vicki, who does it all with the sweetest little twins on her hips!! *And I should note, those hips have all but disappeared desite the twins birth being only a couple of months ago. Vicki, you look great!!

Pin cushion from the Mary Ellen...too cute!
Cute little glass jar from Nicky, filled with pink M&M's in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, I believe! And a crown tag, for all of us queens!!!
Another wonderful pin cushion, this time from, fun, fun!!

I really MUST learn to sew!

I gave out ornaments to help all the ladies get into the holiday spirit...

Edited: I hope I didn't offend anybody by sharing those over-the-top costumes in the last post. If so, I apologize!