Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Only Been a Month?!

Today we celebrate one month of wedded bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, one month of marriage anyway...

I thought I would share the link to our wedding photo gallery in celebration. It should only take you...forever....to look through all of the photos Paul took. He did a wonderful job and I highly recommend him if you live in the area.

I've learned two things in one month of marriage:

1) I am incredibly lucky to have found a man who loves me the way he does....

2) It's not going to be easy!

For example, look what almost caused a divorce within the first month:
The lovely Mr. strolled in the door with this zillion inch flat screen one night after work. The day after we returned from our honeymoon, no less. Shouldn't we have agreed on that one before hand? Worse yet, he put it in our bedroom! Mwwwaaaaaa!! (That's just me kissing romance goodbye!) Hmmm....if that isn't the epitomy of the phrase "the honeymoon is over", I don't know what is!


barbara said...

Ohhhhh - that is a BIG tv. You were not exaggerating! But that is an absolutely gorgeous wedding picture - magazine/model gorgeous.

RobinBirdsNest said...

Your wedding looked like it was awesome! and you looked beautiful!! both of you looked so happy too!! Congratulations!

Liane said...

Hey Sondra! Awesome wedding pictures, you look amazing! Congrats! :)


Liane (lianetav@hotmail.com)