Thursday, November 13, 2008


My friend, for whom I requested your prayers, did not have the surgery yesterday. She is not feeling well and in order to remove her bone marrow for her daughter she must be in tip-top shape. They will try again on Saturday. Please remember her, her baby girl and her family...

***Edited: I found out today (11/14), that my friend was doing well enough for them to go ahead with her surgery yesterday morning. The removal was successful, as well as the transplant to her daughter. We must now continue to pray that the baby's body accepts the transplant. This will prove to be a great deal of waiting and praying... The little one is just like her Mommy and the strength of the two of them combined is a force to be wreckoned with!

In happier news, Lucy will get her birthday treats tomorrow morning~hopefully! We had a minor set back with a flooded basement today, so things are moving slowly around here.Danny tasted them and gave his approval, so we tied them up tight and got them ready to be delivered to the birthday girl! We just need to make the drop now.

While Josh and the plumber were working away, I decided to get started on my parent's long overdue anniversary gift. I figured I should at least give it to them within the the same year they celebrated it! We'll see how this goes.
The first one already frustrated me and I planned on doing about eight more. You may remember the photos I took around my parents home last year at this time. I decided we would all appreciate them more if they weren't stuck in my computer, but hanging somewhere in their home instead. I am using some of those wonderful frame/shadowboxes that my father-in-law and his wife sent to me. Josh will be glad to see them out of the basement, and out of our house altogether for that matter!
Two down, too many to go!