Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here is a photo from our doggy date a few weeks ago at the park. My brother and his wife got a puppy not that long ago and Danny had yet to meet him. As had Lucy (Danny's girl). We had a camping trip planned for last weekend and we thought it best to get all of the dogs together before hand...just in case. The play date turned out to go very well as far as the dogs getting along, but very stressful in other ways.
Calix, my bro and sil's pup (in the photo above), doesn't think much of listening at the park so he needed several reminders not to go home with others. Danny ran off a cliff into the water (fairly normal for him) but was then caught in a current and couldn't get back out. Josh had to lay down and hang over the cliff to rescue him while my brother provided back-up. Danny was so upset, he refused to get back into the water. Then another dog tried to fight him. He was a real bully. Danny was just minding his business when this dog, George, came up and started slamming his chest against Dan's. The owner thought it was funny or cool and just watched and smiled. It was turning out to be the worst trip to the park we've ever had. Lucy refused to stop barking as she begged for Nicky to throw the ball again and again, despite her bad back legs. Ahhh!
We headed home earlier than we normally would have, but the good news is that all three dogs got along and Danny loves his new cousin.
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