Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Third Trimester...94 Days To Go...And My Heroes!

Welcome third trimester. {Sorry my pictures do not apply!}

This week is the 27th week of pregnancy for me. I am grateful to the good lord for getting me here and pray that he continues to bless me this way. Things have been going so well, that the doctor has not required an ultrasound since month 5. Prior to that we were having one every visit to monitor for any concerns. Yesterday I had my glucose test and anemia blood work. Yuck, yuck, yuck! I'm pretty sure I'm anemic...again. That will be the 2nd time this pregnancy. I mean how much spinach and beans can one girl eat?! The exhaustion is beyond words, but if it is the only problem I'll take it. While the doc was listening to BGM's heartbeat, Baby Girl kept kicking the monitor. She must have done it five or six times. The doctor was going crazy! She commented, as they do every visit, on how wild she is. Her Daddy swears this comes from me. I need more convincing! I put the remote on my belly last night and just stared at it as she made it move. It's amazing to me that she's really in there. I was reading that in the last month of pregnancy it will feel like I have David Beckham in my belly. I told Josh it already feels that way, so I can only imagine what kind of damage she'll be doing by then!
Things have been busy here. Less than 100 days to go before Baby Girl gets here. Nobody told me that my emotions would go from crazy to institutional at the end of the second/beginning of the third trimester. I know now though, after going ballistic several times in the past two weeks over various things - some very significant and warranted and others notsomuch!
Work is stressful. Our school is relocating to a building that is said to be contaminated. My job share partner no longer wants to share the position next year, due to this. I am high and dry, praying for things to change. I really don't want to work in a place that has toxins in the soil and air which are said to cause reproductive problems among a zillion other issues! Can you imagine why I'd prefer not to be there?!

Now we have an outbreak of the swine flu at our school and in our district. I flipped out when I found out and refused to stay at work. I've calmed down since and I'm back now, but wish all day everyday that I wasn't. The place is miserable.

Packing boxes is not fun. I seem to be unable to escape it though. Not only are we moving at work, but Baby Girl's room has got to get going. It is currently the office/craft room - aka: the disaster. So bad, I'm embarrassed to be sharing a picture of it. It's not purposely fuzzy, but I'm glad it is! I've known for a long time that we would be moving the office to the attic, so I began tossing anything and everything in there and figured "I'll deal with it all later." Problem is, later has been on my doorstep for weeks. I have tons of things to pack and move upstairs, but in order to do that we must first finish the attic.
This is where my heroes come in. Josh and Brett (my favorite brother!!) have been working very hard on the attic. Josh goes up there several nights a week. Brett comes on weekends and he came over tonight to help. My Dad comes up often to help with it, as well. I am grateful to all them for their work and am thankful to have family that helps us out when we need it. I went up tonight to take pictures of the progress. Slow but steady. We have some problems in our 102 year old home with levelness (is that a word?), which doesn't help and we first had to replace the ancient windows that were up there. All seven of them. Costly. When it's done, it's going to be beautiful (if you had seen it before, you'd think it already is) as will BGM's room. I just can't wait until we get there. Soon. Very soon. I hope!

In addition to the big things going on around here, we went to Wisconsin for the first baby shower a few weeks ago. I have no pictures, but am hoping my SIL, Jonelle, will share some with me. This past weekend we had a garage sale to make some room around here. It went well, felt cleansing and the weather was gorgeous. I did get a bit of a sunburn, but at least now I can't be mistaken for Casper - The Knocked Up Ghost as I walk down the street. This weekend we're heading camping in Letchworth. I love camping!!!!!!!!!!! I'd spend every summer weekend pitching a tent and sitting around a campfire if I could. I'm just not sure how I'll like camping 7 months pregnant! We are about to find out! I'm heading in there with a positive attitude and high hopes for beautiful weather and no rabid raccoons. I am also hopeful that our new bed-like air mattress will keep me comfy. I may just bring my Snoogle for extra support.

I'll be back to show you pics of our doggy play date {STRESSFUL} and the Baby Bump I've grown. My husband needs to learn to take a picture that doesn't make me look like a whale first, though! He seriously finds the worst angle and quick snaps the pic. I refuse to share...


Anonymous said...

is there another brother i dont know about, could have swore im the only one?

Kristina said...

Trust me, it gets worse! I have no idea how William didn't have me committed at the end! Try to relax though, everything will get done :)

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

If you think you flip now, wait till after you have the baby! LOL! I am glad to hear that things are going well! I can't wait to see you! I am sure you are beautiful!

Nicky C. said...

progress looks GREAT boys. it'll be done before you know it Son - stay positive!!