Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spoiled or Blessed?

A lot of both I'd say!

I have some really sweet friends.... and students.

My friend Carmen, a para from work, bought BGM all of these outfits.

How cute are they?

And how sweet is Carmen?

And how spoiled is BGM? Already! I've been meaning to show you her closet. It is officially full and there is room for no more clothes. It is for this reason that we must buy that armoire I've been dreaming of from the start. It's so costly though. But I just know the people who love her already, are not nearly done buying her clothes. Too bad clothes are all that we have with only a little time left. Well, that's not true. We also have a crib and a dresser and hutch but they are in storage at the store until we're ready for them. I'm hoping one of these days we WILL be ready for them!! But that really is ALL we have! The clothes and a place to put them! She'll surely look cute, but her mama will be in jail for neglect when she has no car seat!

This coat has to be my favorite - also from Carmen.

And I really love this outfit. She was smart too and bought sizes for later on. Although, I cannot complain. This girl is set until age two. So we have plenty of cuteness in all sizes here!

One of my students knitted her this sweet little skirt.

Another student knitted her this hat. And a third student worked on a blanket that she'd show me everyday, but was not able to finish before school let out. They are such kind, giving children. It's so cute to receive things from them. It makes their day as much as it makes mine!
My friend Leslie from work shares my love of old things but is down-sizing her collections and gave me this fun vintage baby bottle with a verse from Mary Had a Little Lamb on it. Isn't it great?! I think it will stay in the guest room for now though. I want to put fresh flowers in it and there happens to be much more red in that room than there ever will be in the baby's.
Another friend from work, Vanessa, brought me a brand new nursing gown and robe. Pink with cream lace. Very cute. It should come in handy in just a few short months.
I can't wait to put all of these gifts to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my sweet friends! Baby Girl and I are both blessed and spoiled!

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