Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Random Tidbits...

There is a fun giveaway at Cherry Blossoms and it is for YoBaby. This is my favorite yogurt! Yes it is for babies, but so yummy for any age. Although they are all delicious, I highly recommend vanilla and banana. Soo good!

In other ramblings, I believe I've fallen in love with this sling/wrap. It is from Moby Wrap.
I do not have a sling/wrap, nor did I register for one. This is because all of the ones in the stores are stiff and uncomfortable. I have yet to find a sling that feels or looks right. Now granted I haven't exactly felt this sling on, but it just looks comfy and is very much ME. Great colors, too. The sand and sky blue are gorgeous. I love that they sell them for little girls and their dolls.
How sweet!


Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

Those slings are very cute! You find the cutest things online! I have a Nojo baby sling that my friend let me borrow. It is great but it takes about 10 minutes to get it on correctly. I have used it once so far but it was very hot and made me sweat like crazy. I can't wait to see you at the baby shower!

Happiness Is On Pike Street said...

What is your fav. color for the sling? They are beautiful! I am thinking of ordering one. They have girlie colors, but I am leaning toward the brown.