Monday, June 29, 2009


Apparently I made comment to my husband regarding the progress being made in attic, that he did not appreciate. I don't recall it, but I'm pretty forgetful these days.

(The view facing the front of our attic/the street. I hope to have my desk in the middle of this area to face directly out that window.)

Anyway, I want to be clear. He and my brother have been working their tails off up there in the blazing heat and there is progress being made. I can't imagine how much it has sucked having to go up there and work constantly and I really do appreciate all of their hard work. (The right storage closet.)

So here are some pics of the PROGRESS. (Craft space)

(The landing of the stairs.)

(The left storage space.)

I am so anxious for the day the dry wall is prepped and ready for the painter. But for now I'll continue to appreciate the PROGRESS being made!

This is a shout out to Alexandra Hancock from Mommy's Got Green. You left a comment on an old post about the mason jar mugs. I just noticed and would love for you to have them. I've sent you a couple of emails, but I'm not sure you're getting them because I have a weird address. If you are still interested let me know in the comments of this post or email at my address on the sidebar. I'd love to know that another blogger ends up with them and gives them a good home!

Finally, my good friend Siobhan brought this adorable dress today for BGM. She had little Gianna in September and Gianna was never able to wear this one. I'm so glad she thought of us. I just love it! Hopefully it will work out during the holidays. It looks so tiny to me, but then again everything does! Thanks Siobhan.

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