Monday, October 29, 2007

Gifts For Me...Gifts For You!! Well...Some Of You Anyway!

Please go down three posts to Pay It Forward and sign up to make someone smile - Please!! are my creations. I had just enough frosting to do a cupcake for each student in my class. I came up to get on the computer at 9:00 and heard Josh in the kitchen. AGGGHHHHH, STOP...but, just as I suspected, it was too late. I was suddenly short just one.single.cupcake:( So then there's the big ultimatum, do I hope somebody is too awful to get one tomorrow? NOOO - that's twisted - uh hello, I want them to be good remember. So off we went (yes, I made him come along) to get more frosting. But this little trip was in his best interest because now I have enough frosting to do the leftover cupcakes - just for him. One happy man and one bribed to goodness group of 6th graders. Oh, and one tank of gas that will not need to be filled in the A.M. I 'd say I made out ok myself!
Oh yeah, I also made these YUMMY IN YOUR TUMMY caramel apples for my brother and his girlfriend and some friends from work. And, of course, Josh who can't seem to keep up with my numerous homemade treats these days. However, I haven't heard too many complaints!

I also wanted to share these fun packages I mentioned before. The satchel and that beautiful card arrived last week (I think) and pictures do it no justice. It has a beautiful deep red color in it that I just love. Thank you soo much Stephanie for sharing your talents and the satchel. Love them both!!

Then I got this monogrammed hand towel from Vicki after I commented on how lucky she was to have scored the white hand towels with an S on them at an estate sale (both my first and last names begin with S). She was so sweet to email me after that and say that she'd like to share one. Then she surprised me with a sampling of some gorgeous gift tags she had made herself, the most adorable EVER buttons in the sweetest colors, some fabric cutouts and some tiny words and phrases. I can't wait to begin creating with these little goodies. Thank you Vicki for being so generous!

And yesterday I sent off, well actually Josh sent off (Thanks Honey!) this package to my friend Kristina. Now this isn't actually a gift, but it is one of her purchases from my ETSY store. Thanks Kristina! Hope you enjoy your new corkboard and gift tags...

Then there were these VERY IMPORTANT gifts that went out to some VERY IMPORTANT family members, whom I won't mention since they may not have received them yet - and to which are LONG overdue. So sorry for the long wait. Hope you find the perfect place for them!

So if you stuck around long enough to get to this part, I'll see you tomorrow with some more Halloween decor and maybe some ETSY stuff. I must remember to blog about HO and Steve, and being rich!!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

OH, I am so sorry those students are monsters! I have so many friends that used to be teachers - all retired now. I admire you so much!!

P.S. The reason I am on top of Christmas and Thanksgiving is that I don't do anything for Halloween any more. Kids are all grown and I work out of the house, we live in the country with no trick or treaters...So I had time :-)

P.S.S. Love your music!

mgm said...

oh gosh I do not envy teachers in that teaching situation...Thanks for trying to do something right by this future generation...with some of these kids I shudder to think that they will be in charge of our country when I am too old! Thanks for the sweet comment re: my daughters meant a lot! the goodies you made loooook good too! Hope the bribe worked!

Whimsy Pink said...

I would love to join your pay it foward!