Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daddy's Day

So Father's Day came and went without me posting it on here. My excuse is really just that we were away all weekend on a camping trip, then we went down to have dinner with my father and didn't get back until late on Sunday.

That doesn't mean that we didn't celebrate or do anything special. We treated my Dad to a GC from Gander Mountain and a Play Nine game. This is a FUN game. We take ours down there when we visit and he loves it.

As for the Daddy-to-be, he wasn't short on gifts either. I didn't spend a ton of money, but I did put some thought into them. I got him Ladderball, which he spotted in my car before I could wrap it. I had planned to give it to him a few days early anyway so he could bring it camping. Danny and BGM got him some tshirts, as well.

This one is fitting because when we decided to tell my parents, we made dinner for them one night while visiting. We baked buns and stuck tiny flags in each one announcing there was a 'bun in the oven'!
This one is just to remind him, just in case he forgets, I didn't get to this point alone!!
And this is a little joke between us. The photo is different because it was a special request order and she was sending me some design options to choose from. I ordered him the one in the middle. All of these shirts came from Jellybean Apparel on Etsy. I highly recommend her work. She's very flexible to work with and does a really nice job. She also made me a tank top and him another tshirt a while back that both say, "What Happens in Vegas Does not ALWAYS Stay in Vegas". I'll have to get a pic of us in those. They're very cute if you understand them at all!

And I also bought him a new wallet, which he's been wanting/needing for a while. He seemed happy with his gifts and gets good use out of his tshirts. He's not one to become exxtremely excited over too much but I think he was content. Hope so!
Now we have a few more surprises in store for Daddy. Father's Day is behind us, but he's been working very hard on the attic and he deserves something extra special. Sooo....I made some super cute onesies in his honor.

You may need to click to enlarge. The photos are awful due to the low/bad lighting our house provides. This is a problem 24/7, but even more so at 9 pm! You get the idea though!

I made this one, as well. It's not so much for Daddy, but when we don't refer to her as Baby Girl we call her our Peanut. I saw this design and the one above about Daddy being TAKEN on etsy. Unfortunately, I didn't love the colors they chose, nor was I willing to pay those prices for something I could make myself. These won't get enough use to make it worth the $ the seller wanted, but they cost nearly nothing for me to make since I had brand new onesies and iron-on transfers already. The other two transfers are from the same clearance bin at Joanns that I bought the 'Baby On Board' decal at. I have one more of those I want to get to. I just need to find another shirt. I also have three more onesie decals I need to use, but will have to get some more onesies and one more idea for a maternity shirt that I also saw on etsy. I can't get enough of that darn website! I promise though, when I'm done with those few that really will be the end of decal-mania around here!

In addition to the onesies, we have another, more serious announcement for Daddy. We've been back and forth about names for months trying to make up our minds. Lately there hasn't been much discussion about it because 1) he is too busy with the attic and 2) he has given his input and is just waiting for me to make a decision based on the choices we've agreed upon. I've put a ton of thought into this. Every.Single.Day I think about it and I've finally made my mind up. This means we are finally ready to share the decision with Daddy. I've planned a sweet little surprise for him that I may or may not share with you later.
I can't decide whether we let the rest of the world in on this or not.........hmmm!

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Vicki said...

OMG. I have about 30 seconds to write before nap time is over. Thank you sooooo much for the card. It made me cry. You are so thoughtful!!! I think about you so often. Can you possibly make a Saturday trip to Buffalo to meet the twins before the princess is born? We'd love it. I might then even be able to get away for an hour or 2 for a cup of tea...Let me know. Vicki