Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A mind of her own...

(BGM's newest outfit. From her Mommy, because I wish they sold it in my size!! Don't you love the matching shades!!)

So it's no secret that I've had more than your "normal" amount of contractions for a loong while now. Today we went to the doctor and she decided that they've simply escalated to too many, too often. It's an all day, everyday sort of occurance with as many as five or six in an hour. She felt it necessary to do some testing to see what might be on BGM's mind. She is checking to see if there is any trace of a certain something that I can't pronounce (my SIL will tell you what it is when she comments!!) and apparently if that test is positive this baby may very well be planning her escape within the next two weeks. We won't know much until tomorrow and probably more on Friday.

Is she kidding me? This is NOT an option! She is not done cooking by any means. Why would she be wanting to escape? Isn't it cozy enough for her in there? She should understand right now that if she's trying to get out of there to sport some of these cute little outfits, none of them - and I MEAN NONE of them - are going to fit. We don't have preemie clothes, because we are not having a preemie.

So listen up BGM - STAY PUT! Stop acting like your Daddy and trying to make your own rules around here. Be a good little girl and sit tight until September. We love you and can't wait to see you. It's just that we want you delivered to us as healthy and safely as possible.
Can you believe she already has two bathing suits in her closet. She had a brand new one piece from Baby Gap that was handed down to us with the tags still attached. Then I got her this a while ago because it was on clearance at Old Navy. Her Auntie Nicky bought her one for St. Thomas since both of the ones she has are for next summer and I put the sweetest one piece with ruffles on the butt on our Buy Buy Baby registry long ago just because I simply could not resist. Every little girl needs a swimsuit with butt ruffles. Don't you think?! We are going to need to register for a pool now, in order to get use out of all of these suits!

**Make that three bathing suits in her closet. I just remembered the leopard print one that I shared with you here. My gosh! What was I thinking with so many of these?!


Brandie said...

That bathing suit is too stinkin' cute! Lucky baby:)

Vicki said...

Hi! I know all about early appearance fear. The good news is that 28 weeks is a huge milestone and you are already past that. Email me as SOON as you have more info. I'll be on pins and needles. Coincidentally, Rory-pie has that exact blouse in brown and the shades in beige, funny huh? I love Baby Gap. I had TONS of braxton-hicks contractions that HURT! They went on for many weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Its called a Fetal Fibronectin test. And you need to let me know what you find out!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sondra - Keep us posted. I hope BGM stays put for a while and your contractions turn out to be Braxton-Hicks and not something else. I had a TON of them with the twins. Take care. Maybe give yourself some self-induced bedrest... Sending healthy wishes and prayers from Kenosha - SK